Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bento Fad

2014-06-09 0841
This photo shows how gloomy in the morning it's been lately. The weather makes me feel uncomfortable because we had an unusually gorgeous spring this year. Though, it's not so bad to hear the sound of rain fallin'.

2014-06-10 0818
This is the type when I don't have anything decent in the fridge hahah! You know, sometimes this type can be better than intricate bentos. In particular, kids actually like it. I don't think bentos always have to be well-balanced or contain colorful foods such as greens or tomatoes.

2014-05-29 1129

Lately, I've actually been feeling kind of lonely because many of my old bento buddies don't seem to be bento-making anymore. Or dose it just look like they've lost their motivation for blogging? As time goes by, their environment and daily routines will change, I understand. I've seen many bento enthusiasts move past the bento scene so far. Is it just me or did the bento fad fade away, if there was something like that out there? I know, I believe that there are still lots of people who keep bentoing consistently and down to earth. Oh well my bento making will continue forever and ever, haha! It's not temporary addiction or obsession, just part of everyday meals to me. Ah don't get me wrong, I don't mean to judge or complain in any way. I'm just missing my bento mates.

2014-05-29 1130

By the way, aren't you forgetting something? Did you know that Everyone's Bento Gallery is always open? You can entry more than once. Why not display your own favorite (which doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy, practical ones are more welcome, and mobile photos as well) on the gallery so everyone can see it?

Duck 3
If you are an actual bento maker you are always welcome!!!


  1. I think I'd love to start making proper bentos soon! I will definitely let you know when I do :-)
    by the way I'm curious - what is your favorite way to prepare chicken for bento?

  2. Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing your bentos :)

    I have some favorites, chicken patties, grilled one, simmered one etc. They have to be easy and quick to make as you know (I'm lazy hehe).
    I hope to post some of my recipes sometime soon... When I can take pictures for it :D

  3. Hi SoulSoupSoap - is there a way to contact you? I'd love to get in touch about a bento project I'm working on and you have no contact button!

  4. Hi Strange! What have you been up to? :)

  5. Just trying to concentrate what dishes will prepare in autumn.

  6. You are quite a gourmet! I hope to see your own style of cooking, hehe.

  7. No, no, no - I make very simple dishes! Few post in instagram ;)

  8. What is your insta name ? I'll follow you. Sorry I changed my previous account.