Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fireworks Display 2

2014-08-01 1819
People are gathering to see fireworks display. There is still some time to wait and it's still light.

2014-08-01 1828
Another goal of ours was to have delicious sundaes at our favorite cake cafe.

2014-08-01 1830
I've actually never been a fan of sundaes, but theirs are an exception, made of quality soft serve ice cream and whipped cream, and some additional goodies.

2014-08-01 1830_01
I tried the matcha and azuki version for the first time, but thought afterwards I liked the strawberry version better. Both were delicious though. Hubs and Yuppi were so happy with their sundaes.

2014-08-01 1847
Mini harbor right out of the cafe.

Bnetos this time. Menchi katsu (panko-fried pork patty) bento.

Umm, as you see... Teehee.

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