Friday, November 14, 2014

Happy Autumn!

Hello there! I hope you're all doing well. I guess you've been missing me. Haha, just joking, yes. Actually I posted something a few days ago, but accidentally deleted it. I've got tons of stuff to talk about. Anyway here are some of my recent bentos.

2014-10-10 0749
Yakisoba and omusubi.

2014-10-08 0813
Chicken katsu, carrot kimpira, potato and edamame tossed with mayo.

2014-10-06 0745
Chahan with egg and pork belly slices, and raw veggie salad.

2014-10-03 0827
Karaage, a shoyu egg half and omusubi.

2014-09-12 0742
Mini teriyaki pork chicken burgers, panko-fried salmon and usual potato edamame salad.

2014-10-05 0743
Karaage and omusubi again.

Autumn sky
When I was writing this entry it was a real autumn. Yesterday, we had the very first snow in this season! I'm shivering. I haven't taken photos of snow yet so I'll leave with this one instead, which I took two days ago. I'm going to be back here soon!

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