Friday, February 20, 2015

It Won't Be That Long

I felt like posting something, but unfortunately haven't taken bento pictures much lately. I had to rake unposted ones from the last year, lol. These ones are all bland, but anyway, some of my last bentos of 2014. It seems like I only just managed to throw foods together. Better than nothing. It's totally all right, huh?

2014-12-11 0831

2014-12-05 0823

2014-12-20 0747

2014-12-19 0741

2014-12-15 0923

2014-11-19 0806

You know what? I'm going to reach my 300th post soon! I assumed I hadn't done all that much, so I'm even surprised that this will happen. Do you know what *The 300th post* means? Oh yeah! We're (you and me of course) going to be doing something fun. Although I don't think many people read this blog, would love to share a little thrill with you long-time readers. I came up with a few ideas for it, though, one thing I can tell for now, I want it to be more interesting and exciting than the things I've done before.


  1. your bentos are always such a great inspiration for me! :3 Congrats to the 300th post, I'm looking forward to it! :D

  2. Hi babykins, your pictures could never be bland, they are a little ray of sunshine, as always!! :)

  3. I'm reading your blog and checking your photostream... always sooo interesting! Looking forward to your 300th post.

  4. Thank you sweetie! We'll actually have to wait some more posts to go until the 300. Stay tuned! :D

  5. Hey Karen! Thank you for the sweet words!
    I've been wondering how you are doing.. Looking forward to reading your posts again!

  6. Hi, thank you for commenting!
    I'm getting so excited, thinking about the fun! :D

  7. Hello Soulsoupsoap ! I don't comment often but I'm a quite avid reader of your blog :) Even when you just throw foods together, the result is pure magic. I wish it could be the same for me ! I haven't made bento for a while now and I feel like I've lost the "thing" and my bento all look crappy so I don't even post them, lol... You are fantastic ! :) Please never stop !

  8. Thank you for sticking around! ;)
    You definitely have to take part in the event I'm shooting for!