Monday, December 20, 2010

Almost Christmas... and A Bit Bento

Hey there! Glad to get back to bento posting yay! I realized again how much I love bento in the meantime. Bento is a little world, like a treasure box, isn't it?? It may be a bit exaggerated expression though hehe. By the way I am sorry that I've been late to visit my favorite blogs, I've recently had a hard time getting enough time for the Internet. I think y'all are also in the same situation in this season.

Well, these are bentos I made recently, which contain cheese omelet slices, daigakuimo (fried purple potato), meat balls, boiled broccoli and rice! Yea I wanted to make snowball-shaped-rice, in a word, it is a *rice ball* haha. I sprinkled a bit of argent and black sesame on the daigakuimo to liven up.

These are bentos Yuppi made all by her self. They contain bean sprout/pork stir fry, broccoli/bacon stir fry, daikon/kanikama salad, yogurt with apple jam for dessert and rice topped with cutouts of bell pepper and fried egg white. Maybe she meant Xmas colors.

This one is also Yuppi's creation. I'm sure she just woke up to fun of bentomaking. This contains boiled egg and vegetables, lotus root stir fry, bacon/onion ketchup stir fry, teriyaki chicken slices atop rice. Mmm she likes doing stir fry at the moment, I guess...

In the meantime, we're baking lots of baked goods as Xmas presents for our friends. Hopefully I'm going to make some cakes today if I can have time. Here are cookies we've already finished. You can check it out in detail on my flickriver
Christmas Cookies

I guess everybody is having a fun time going off to Christmas. I'm still getting ready for our Xmas. I wonder what they will make for the feasts?  Anyway just hoping you all have a happy Christmas wherever in the world you are!!


  1. So adorable! I love the X-mas colors! ^_^

  2. I think Yuppi inherited your bento making gene! I like your smiling rice ball, reminds me of that anime Fruits Basket, hehe. The cookies are so cute and so nicely decorated!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Yuppi is very talented in making yummy bentos. I think I know from where she got that talent ;D. Wow, what fancy cookies you have here... Happy Xmas and holiday, dear friend :D

  4. Sooo cute! Yuppi is great in making bentos! Love it! :3

  5. the snow-rice balls look cute! oh yes, they do look like snowballs to me :D お弁当を作るのはだいたい何時間ぐらいかかりますか?

  6. What delicious looking bento. Yuppi's sure look good with lots of color. I bet they tasted great.

    Your little snowman riceballs were sweet. :)

  7. @Megg
    Thank you for the kind comment! My girl is so happy to hear that :)

  8. @Carol
    Haha I hope she makes bento every day :) Aw I've never watched that anime. I wonder which character looks like the riceball.

    Thanks, though I like simple baked goods, decorating them is super fun work. I hope you're having a great holiday with your loved one! :D

  9. Yuppi's doing a wonderful job making bentos!! I'd like one! Lol! I am very behind in my blog visiting as well, this time of year is so busy. I hope you had a wonderful time at Christmas!

  10. @tatachan
    It feels like it's been awhile! Are you having a fun/cozy time with your family or friends? Thank you, you've given a lot of sweet comments until now! :D

  11. @Token
    Thank you for your encouraging words for her, these sure motivate her! :)

  12. @Arudhi
    Thank you for the comment, that made me smile! It takes like 30 minutes I guess. Maybe procedure is important to make stuff quickly :)

  13. @Kuusou
    Thank you Kuusou! These were certainly tasty :)
    Your onigiri are way much cuter than mine for sure!

  14. @Heather
    Hey Heather! no wonder you don't have much time, you have the online store too. I hope you are having a happy holiday with your husband and stinker! :D