Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Third Snow and Last Bento??

Hey everybody! Actually I haven't made bento at all for a while. My hubby has run to work lately so he doesn't want to carry bento boxes on his back. He only takes onigiri to work every day. So this is (perhaps) the last bento, featureless one though! But don't worry maybe I would make bento again sometime soon haha! ANYWAY I thought I'd have to post because it snowed here yesterday. We've had a lot of snow and been excited, wheee! Look at the snow around my place!!

Obento 2010.11.22
Chicken nanbanzuke
Chicken/simeji mushroom stir-fry
Carrot/spinach/naruto salad
Hopefully I'll share this nanbanzuke recipe some of these day.

It was somewhat gloomy weather this day...





This girl loves swimming in snow!


  1. Run to work sounds so healthy! Not in Jakarta though because we have a bad air pollution and the streets are not pedestrian friendly, no running track on the side. Last bento? NOOOOO ... I love to look at your delicious bento. And love your the snow pictures. Brrrr ... So cold!

  2. Oh, I hope it's not your last bento! Hopefully you'll be able to do more in the future. Your bento always looks so delicious. :)

    We love the pictures of the snow! The one with the berries peeking out from the snow-covered branches is beautiful!

  3. Woooo, love seeing your new snow pics--especially the vivid red berries branch--just beautiful!! Can I have that bento for my lunch please, it looks so yummy!

  4. I definitely dont't agree with 'last bento'! Protest!

    We have a lot of early winter snow here in Germany, too. Since last week winter has made its appearance. It's cold (-12 °C this morning but sunny today and then +1 °C) and the daily rush is slowed down.

  5. @Lia
    I thought the streets and sidewalks were set out neatly in your country. Marathon and jogging are getting more popular in Japan nowadays. You can always see someone running around here in Japan.

    Maybe I'm going to get back to bentoing soon! ;)

  6. Th snow looks like so much fun! We don't get any snow here in Florida. I hope you get back to bento-ing soon, I love seeing your wonderful creations!

  7. I love looking at your bento! The snow photos are beautiful to look at too. Yes, we don't get snow here in Florida, but we did get a cold front come in last night :D

  8. @kuusou
    I'm going to do bento-posting after a short break :) Thanks for enjoying my post, that always encourages me!
    I also like the picture best, is it cute? :D

  9. Good, I'm glad to hear that this is NOT your last bento!! I need the inspiration! The snow is so beautiful :D

  10. @Jenn
    This bento is a collaboration between Yuppi and me. She made the tamagoyaki and mushroom.
    Thanks, I sort of like these pics! I wish it was brighter outside. :)

  11. @einfachbento
    Haha thanks. I sure will make bento again.
    Your place has pretty cold weather doesn't it? Once snow accumulates on roads every traffic slows down. Especially drive is so hard.

  12. @Heather
    Too bad that you can't have any snow over there. But you live in the wonderful place, I've been to Florida a long time ago. I want to go there again so bad!

  13. @Lindsey
    Welcome and thank you Lindsey! You also live in Florida?! I'm jealous of you and Heather :D I've been to Disney World and USF, that was an amazing trip and experience!

  14. Hi Carol, have you made bento lunches lately? I want to see your Mr.bento! :) How is the weather in NYC? It has rained here recently.

  15. こんにちは。Bentobirdさんのところから来ました。素敵なお弁当がいっぱいでついつい見入ってしまいました。このお弁当はごはんが可愛いですね!ときどき遊びに越させてください。


  16. Enaさん初めまして、ようこそ!コメントありがとうございます、励みになります。またいつでも遊びに来てくださいね。

  17. It's raining here too--supposed to snow a bit next week, but mostly rain! Hope it does snow soon though :) I've only made one bento, but I am going to bring bento tomorrow I hope...we'll see :)

  18. Thank you Carol! Ohhhh I'm waiting for your bento pictures...haha!
    I really hope we both have a white snow Christmas yeee!

  19. はじめまして!Foodie blogrollからBabykinsさんのブロッグを初めて見ました。お弁当はとても素敵です!見るだけでも楽しいですね。これからよく遊びに来たいと思います ^^ 

  20. Arudhiさん、いらっしゃいませ~~ようこそ!コメントありがとうございます。いつでも遊びに来てくださいね。こちらも後でおじゃまさせて下さい。