Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hoarded Bento Pictures and Second Snow

This contains...
Roasted mayo/cheese salmon
Simple omelet
Sauteed pork rolls
Boiled broccoli
Mushroom stir-fry
and 4 onigiri.

Carrot, pork, spinach and rice. Orin apple and persimmon for dessert. Don't you think something yellow is lacking? Yes I forgot to put egg in this bento!

Pork/shrimp chahan!

I meant to make a traditional style bento like ones available at convenience stores. Yeah conveni-bento.
This has sweet tamagoyaki slices (MUST), pink kamaboko slices, stir-fried shredded carrot, ginger pork (STANDARD), ume/cuke salad, salty sockeye salmon (benijake) and rice.

Roasted mayo/cheese chicken tender
Potato kimpira (recipe here)
Chili sauce shrimp
Boiled flower-shaped carrots
Chunks of salty sockeye salmon
Usuyaki-tamago and edamame on the rice.

Mushroom rice
Mashed purple sweet potato
Spinach/carrot/corn salad with sesame dressing
Grilled syoyu chicken.

♪Today's simple cooking....♪

babykins' mushroom rice recipe
Some kinds of mushrooms you like (as much as you want)
Aburaage - fried thin tofu (as much as you want)
A little of shoyu and mirin and rayu (red hot sesame oil) or brown sesame oil chili powder
Cooked rice (as much as you want)

1) Cut the mushrooms and the aburaage into small bite size.
2) Place it in a pan then add a few pinches of salt then braise it for a few minutes until get watery.
3) Drain it (remove the extra water) then replace it in the pan.
4) Add all the seasonings and stir-fry it until the excess water dries off.
5) Add it into freshly cooked rice or microwaved leftover rice then mix them together. At this point if it tastes light, add a little more shoyu or salt. Done!!

You can season mushrooms as you like. For example, salt black pepper & butter plus onion, salt & curry powder plus shrimp or chicken, and so on... Anyhow all you need to do is make a mushroom stir-fry and mix it into hot rice! Yes pretty yum! Aw do you know that autumn is the mushroom season?? You should definitely enjoy them NOW!


  1. Hi Izumi! How are you? Beautiful and super delicious bento as always. I never saw snow for my entire life, can you believe it? hahaha ... When we went to holiday, we always avoid winter time. And Indonesia is a tropical country so it's impossible to see snow. I'm excited to see the picture. It will be getting cooler by December right?

  2. Yea - snow!! My daughter's want to visit you. :)

    Lovely bento - they all make me hungry!

    Thank you for the recipe; I plan on trying it this weekend for my family.

  3. Hi Izumi!! Now I know what to do with my mushrooms, cannot wait to try your for my tummy! Loved seeing your collection of "hoarded" delicious bentos. No snow here as of yet...maybe by December? Take care and enjoy the rest of the week, my friend :)

  4. @Lia
    Really?? Can't believe that lol! Then you should experience a snow trip once in your life. I didn't know that you guys have never had snow in Indonesia! I'm jealous that y'all don't need room-heating or winter tires haha.
    Yep but we have the coldest weather in February.

  5. @Kuusou
    Come on ,come over here C & G! :D
    I hope your family enjoy your own kinoko rice!

  6. @Jenn
    I wonder how this winter will be... Lots of snow or no!? I hope it won't get that cold, our winter both.
    Haha your tummy plays the sounds♪♪ ;)x

  7. Oh I wish we had snow! It doesn't snow here, just gets cold. I love all of your bentos! I wish I could eat every single one of them! Your mushroom rice recipe sounds amazing, I'm going to have to try that.

  8. @Heather
    it's a pity you don't have snow at all over there. I'll post our snow pics once it snows alot. Thanks Heather, hope you have a chance to make it for your bento!

  9. We haven't had any snow yet (still too warm) but I'm going to Canada next week and I hope I get to see some snow :D As usual, I am envious of your bentos and would like you to make me some please :)

  10. @Carol
    I know that the mid winter in NY is extremely cold. Ow you're going to Canada again, I envy you!! I can't wait for your delicious pics from there. Our autumn leaf season is already over, wondering how about Canada... I hope your trip is great as usual! :)