Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obento May 12, 2010

Obento May 12, 2010

Potato kimpira
Ketchup flavored pieces of chicken breast
Edamame/bacon omelet
Stir fried shirataki (konnyaku noodles) and shiitake (mushrooms) and takenoko (bamboo shoot)
Kamaboko and Red cabbage sprouts
Medium polished rice topped with koume (tiny plum pickle)

♪Today's Simple Cooking♪ Ta-daaah!
Yes, I love potato~~♪ This morning, I made potato kimpira.  Kimpira is stir fried julienne root veggie.  You could use various veggies, for example, carrot, broccoli stem, celery, burdock, daikon etc.  And it's okay to season it as you like.  Mostly, it's seasoned with syoyu and sugar and mirin, so it goes well with a rice bento.

Obento May 12, 2010-2

How to Make Potato Kimpira
1) Peel some potatoes and cut it into fine strips.
2) Stir-fry it with a little of vegetable oil and water until get translucent.
3) Season it with some of shoyu and sugar, and a bit of butter.
4) Sprinkle a little sesame seeds (if you have it).
(Butter matches potato perfectly.  But you can add a little curry powder instead of butter.)


  1. I am really enjoying the cooking simple recipes you are including!

    Yummy bento. :)

  2. Aww delicious for sure! Like what you did with the kamaboko and love to read the recipe from your post. It gives us an idea for what to put in our bento. Thanks a lot Izumi!

  3. Hi Kuusou!
    So happy that someone (including you) read my too simple and rough recipes.

  4. Hi Lia!
    Really hope my recipes will be helpful for something of your bento making.