Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obento May 25 & 26, 2010

Good morning, ohayou gozaimasu!!  Middle of the week, how's everything, folks?  It's still cold here so the kerosene heater in my room is working right now.  June is just around the corner, though... Ugh I am contributing to carbon footprint!  I'd better endure the cold.  I can't wait for summer!!

Obento May 26, 2010

Today's bento
Tamagoyaki slices
Boiled asparagus with sesame dressing
Braised bonito dices
Stir fried julienne carrot and red bell pepper (oyster sauce, salt and black pepper)
Chicken fritter (beni syoga and salt)
Garnish (shiso leaf, lemon slice and hanabira fu)

Obento May 26, 2010-1

Today's post has another bento picture.

Yesterday's bento
Biryani - Indian rice dish (rice, chicken, onion, bell pepper, salt and several sorts of spices)
Raw vegetable salad with lemon dressing
Kiyomi orange

Obento May 25, 2010


  1. Oh, a little bit a coolness would be greatly appreciated here!

    I really like the way you put the peas in the bottom really draws attention!

    Your bento always looks so good and makes me hungry, even though I'm getting ready to go to bed! :)

  2. Is there a magic way so I can have this delicious bento from you? hahaha ... always so mouthwatering!! Did you cook biryani by yourself? Awesome :)

  3. Ah, another bento poem, yay Izumi! The asparagus looks so fresh and delectable! The garishes are sooooo pretty, love how you've combined shiso and decorative fu--can I borrow that idea???
    Wishing warm happy weather to come to you soon!

  4. One more thing, Biryani in bento is a genius notion!

  5. @Kuusou

    Haha, Excuse my bento for making you hungry at bedtime.

    Is it too hot in the place you live!? I wish I lived in your place, hehe

  6. @Lia

    The how I cooked the biryani was much the same as usual fried rice, so simple and easy!
    Sometimes, I want to make Indian dish. But I want to try making Indonesian dish sometime!

  7. @bentobird
    I'm so flattered that you gave me such lovely compliments!

    Sure! Take away any ideas of my bento since I always have so much inspiration from you ;D

  8. These look really interesting, colourful, fun and tasty! :o)

  9. It has made my day by looking at your bentos :D. Oh, wish I could give you some warmth of Indonesia's sunny weather :D

  10. @Asfore

    Hi Asfore! Thank you for your sweet comment *^0^*

  11. @tatachan

    Thank you for your comment as usual!

    Oh, I can imagine, warm air, beautiful sea, cheerful and kind people, vivid color flowers and fruits, delicious foods... So give me!!! LOL ^^