Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obneto May 20, 2010

Good morning world!!  Today's bento... Here you are! ^^
This morning, I made Sosu katsudon (rice topped with cutlet with sauce).

Obneto May 20, 2010

Chicken tenderloin cutlet
Grilled mackerel
Usuyaki-tamago (egg sheet) / edamame salad
Marinated bell pepper
Nori under the chicken cutlet slices
Lemon slice, Broccoli sprouts and Red cabbage sprouts

Obneto May 20, 2010-1

♪ Today's simple cooking ♪
You can use various vegetable besides bell peppers.

How to Cook Wafu Bell pepper Marinade
1) Cut some bell peppers then fry or saute it in some vegetable oil
2) Sprinkle a little mentsuyu  on the fried bell pepper and toss well
You can add a little bit of sesame oil

Mentsuyu consists of soy sauce, sugar, mirin and dashi.  Do you have  it?  If you like Japanese cuisine, it is useful for various cooking.   You can use mentsuyu for Noodles, Nikujaga, Tempra, Nimono, Kimpira, Wafu salad dressing.  And it's so helpful when I overslept and have little time in the morning since I don't have to prepare many seasonings other than mentsuyu.

Obneto May 20, 2010-5


  1. Your bentos always looks so yummy! I start tasting them just looking at the picture. :)

  2. Hello! I love your blog - it's so lovely.

  3. my husband would love this!! but i always have a hard time frying the meat until it is cooked...its always a little raw in the sad.

  4. We will lick our laptop screen because of your yummy bento LOL :D Mentsuyu sounds great! Any particular good brand? Will try to find it later, perhaps should go to the Japanese supermarket otherwise I don't think I can find it at local supermarket (^.^)

  5. Help me, Japanese food always looks so tempting and flavorful *drooling* :D~~~~

  6. Just browsing your blog. Your bentos are fascinating. they look so good.

  7. Thank you Kuusou!
    Taste it enough please, hehe.

  8. Welcome and thank you for coming, Hadley!

  9. Lia, Your screen will be shined LOL!

    Any brands of mentsyu are good, but I always buy *Hon tsuyu* → 

  10. pineapple man.
    I know, I sometimes have the same failure. So I try to allow meat to get room temperature in advance and cut it into a thinner slices (if it's a chunk)

  11. tatabonita
    I'm so glad you like Japanese food.
    I must learn about Indonesian food, people and culture and am so interested in your country now :D

  12. Daisy, Thank you and welcome!
    I'm so glad if you liked my bentos :D

  13. As others have said above, *drool*! I'd like to sit in your kitchen and eat wonderful homecooked Japanese food all day, Izumi! Then we could take a break and go bento shopping, hehe...wonderfuil post and your blog looks so cool!

  14. Ohayo Jenn! ^o^
    I want to send my bento to you. Then, you have to send your bento to me, hehe. Coz I always wanna have your bento.
    Arigato~, your sweet comment made my day!!