Monday, May 10, 2010

Obento May 10, 2010

Obento May 17, 2010

Let's get started!  Today's bento is ALSO Nokke-ben (rice topped with bento dishes). 
It's so simple and easy to pack that it's right up my alley, Ha.
This magewappa is ideal for nokke-ben! Because this one can contain alot!!

Carrot kimpira
Curry flavored/braised mushrooms (tanba shimeji)
Slices of bonito steak
Scrambled egg
Daikon sprouts
Red cabbage sprouts
Brown rice

Obento May 17, 2010-1

Yesterday was Mother's Day!  Some of you celebrated and some of you were celebrated, I guess.
Anyway, I hope all of you had a nice Mother's Day.  I was thinking of my mother in heaven and Hubby's mother, and grateful to them.
And let me stick some pictures of surprises from Yuppi on this posting, since she hopes that.  She hopes everyone will see her products ^^

 mother's day

mother's day-1

mother's day-2
Yuppi-made flower arrangement

mother's day-3
Yuppi-made cookies

mother's day-4
Yuppi-written letter

mother's day-5
Yuppi-made ring

Thank you for seeing!


  1. awww your daughter is so sweet! That was so nice of her. You're bento looks delicious too! Hope you're Mother's day was a very blessed one.

  2. What lovely items Yuppi created! How sweet. :)

    Your bento looks very good - curry mushrooms sound really tasty.

  3. Yuppi is very creative and very sweet! So much love because you are a great mom. And you must be enjoyed your Mother's Day a lot. Bento is wonderful as usual ... love the red cabbage sprouts!

  4. Yuppi is so sweet!! And great eye for design :) I like the cloth your bento is wrapped in, and of course, the bento looks super yummy too!

  5. @Alisha
    Wow long time no see Alisha! How are you?
    Thanks. So glad to see you again ^^

  6. @Kuusou
    Thanks so much for praising Yuppi's efforts.

    I think curry flavored mushroom is really good ;D

  7. @Lia
    Thanks Lia. She will be delighted. I bet you also had a nice Mather's Day.

    I love red cabbage sprouts, too ^^
    My bento never compares to your lovey bento.

  8. @Tofugirl
    Yuppi will be sooo happy to hear that.

    Thanks, I like the cloth, too! I hope Hubby also like it.

  9. Happy belated Mother's Day Izumi :D. Oh... how sweet your daughter is :D. You should share your delicious recipes with us by someday hehe :D

  10. Happy belated Mother's Day, too tatabonita!!
    Lots of people say to me the same word *Share your recipe*
    I'm not sure if my recipe is helpful for you guys coz it's too simple and rough, haha