Thursday, May 06, 2010

Obento May 6, 2010

Our no bento days passed so my bentomaking started again today.  We had a long weekend. (Or should I say *Belated spring holiday*?)  Many national holidays concentrate at this time.  We call it *Golden Week* in Japan.  Those who had the longest golden week took a 7-day holiday.  We had only 5 days.  Although we usually enjoy an Ohanami picnic during golden week, cherry trees this year don't yet start to blossom at all in our area, booo  So I missed a chance to make a ohanami bento.  But we were able to enjoy some trips around.

Obento May 6th, 2010

Today's magewappa contains
Pieces of teriyaki chicken tenderloin
Slices of rolled negi omelet
Simmered carrot blossoms
Daigakuimo (fried sweet potato with sesame seeds)
Two cherry tomatoes
An edamame (green soy beans) skewer
and White rice

Obento May 6th, 2010-1


  1. It's good to see you back! Your bento looks soooo good, especially the teriyaki chicken. :)

  2. I love this box and everything in it! Beautiful.

  3. I love how the bento wrapped in a cloth..sorry what do you call that? any special term?
    I want my daughter to carry the box using that..hope she'll like it.
    btw, u seem to be a good cook..all always look yummy!

  4. Hi! Glad to see you back with your delicious bento again. I heard from friend in Tokyo that the weather has been crazy lately in there, is that right? Will be waiting patiently to see your ohanami picnic bento hehehe ... Love your furoshiki (^.^)

  5. Thanks Kuusou!
    I hope you also like teriyaki chicken!
    I think chicken tenderloin is perfect for bento dish since it doesn't get firm when it cooled down ;)

  6. Thanks and welcome eula!
    So glad you loved this bento! :D

  7. Thanks Deby!
    The name of the cloth is *furoshiki* as Lia said so :)
    But common clothes for bento-wrapping are not furoshiki. I call them *bento cloth* or *lunch cloth* or *bento napkin*. FUROSHIKI is a Japanese traditional all purpose cloth.
    You could make it yourself with the cloth your girl likes ^^

  8. Hi Lia! It sounds like the middle of summer in Tokyo. It's still like the early spring in our place, though!

    Well, maybe we'll go on a ohanami so I'll have to make a ohanami bento. But I have no idea how I should make it yet :)