Friday, May 07, 2010

Obneto May 7, 2010

Heeey, what a dull shot!  It was dark in my room.  Though Sakura started to blossom at last yesterday, it's raining and cold today so I need heating right now. 
I think it's a little hard to see what today's bento dishes are.  BUT now the time is coming to show my second magewappa, yay!!  I got the lid painted the illustration of daisy.  So I love daisy!  Isn't it a bit cute??  Is it hard to see?? tee hee

Obento May 7th, 2010

A chunk of grilled salty salmon
Karaage (Japanese fried chicken)
Panko fried shrimps with sauce
Sauteed asparagus
Ham-wrapped potato/cucumber salad
Kiyomi orange wedges
Rice topped with koume

Today's bento contains lots of deep fried food since Yuppi was going on a school excursion.  Karaage and panko shrimp are her favorites.  But unluckily, the excursion was postponed because of the weather so she will have her bento at school.  Sorry!  I missed taking a picture of hers.

Have a nice and yummy weekend, my friends!!


  1. It looks delicious! I do see the daisy and it looks so pretty and delicate. :)

  2. Your magewappa bento is always so perfect! Can still peep the little daisy on the lid hehehe ... This bento is so precious to have. Hope Yuppi didn't feel disappointed because her school excursion has been canceled. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Oh, pretty box! Mm, I want some fried shrimp now and it's not even 8 in the morning yet! Hehe. Hope to see some sakura photos soon :D

  4. Everytime i see your bento...I always drooling..:))

  5. My first time to visit your blog; I love your bento. Very pretty. I hope you get to enjoy the sakura soon. I was lucky to see the blossoms in Kamakura & Zushi City in early April.

  6. @Kuusou
    Thanks for looking at the daisy.
    Your comment always lifts up my spirit ^^

  7. @Lia
    I like this box so. Good thing, it weights so light.

    Thanks for your concern. Yuppi's going on the excursion on Friday ^^

  8. @tofugirl
    Okay! No problem fried shrimp for breakfast. Of course I ate it in that morning xD
    I want to go on a ohanami picnic as soon as I can before sakura is gone :)

  9. @mr. pineapple man
    Thanks. Nice you love koume~~!! ^^

  10. @Lil'chan
    Thanks Lil chan! :D

  11. @Deby
    Thanks for seeing my bento!
    I'm looking forward to your bento ;D

  12. @Margaret
    Welcome and thanks so much Margaret!
    It's great you already enjoyed sakura in there :D
    I think it's much colder here than Kamakura and zushi.