Friday, May 14, 2010

Obento May 14, 2010

Phew~~~ I managed to do bentomaking (two bentos) and was able to work it out, yay! Luckily, Kuusou sent me a nice idea. She made spring rolls for her family so I stole an idea of *Spring roll bento* from her hehe. Thank you so much Kuusou!

Obento May 14, 2010-1

Cut harumaki (spring rolls)
Slices of chicken steak
Sauteed snap peas and fresh cherry tomatoes
Grilled salty salmon chunk
Wrenched kamaboko and red cabbage sprouts
White rice topped with koume

Obento May 14, 2010

Slices of rolled hot dog onigiri (not makizushi)
Harumaki (spring rolls)
Slices of chicken steak
Sauteed snap peas
Cherry tomatoes
Two kinds of kiwis and sun fruit citrus

Obento May 14, 2010-5

Have you ever made some harumaki??  Hot harumaki is SO good.  Yuppi also love it.  Usual harumaki consists of a harumaki skin and seasoned/thicken vegetable and meat.  But you can use various foods for harumaki filling.  For example, leftover from the previous night, cooked chicken or meat, potato salad, stir fried rice or noodles, Chili con carne ,shrimp paste and so on.  Also you can use fresh banana, apple pie filling, pumpkin pie filling for making hot dessert harumaki.
This morning, I used a combination of cheese, hum and ketchup for harumaki filling because this combo barely gets limp after awhile unlike usual harumaki.

Obento May 14, 2010-4
Just-fried harumaki (spring rolls)

Here are my bento accessories.  I should confess that I don't eat any tomatoes.  Though I don't like to put a tomato in bento, they help me whenever I have trouble filling bento spaces.  But that's okay because fortunately the bento eater is not me, LOL!  Hubby doesn't mind tomatoes.  I will never put it my bento, never...

Obento May 14, 2010-3
Three color tomatoes

Obento May 14, 2010-2
Red cabbage sprouts
The taste is mild.

Have a happy and yummy weekend!!


  1. I'm so glad that my suggestion helped you! They look very good. Honestly I never thought about using leftovers...what a good idea. :)

  2. Arigatou~~~ Kuusou!
    So we can enjoy tasting various spring rolls ;D

  3. Yes, indeed a good idea using leftover..never thought of that...It's so yummy!! drooling,..drooling....

  4. Yum, SPRING rolls! :) There's a raw version too (not fried), did you know that? I've been planning to put those in a bento for a long time, but somehow I don't get around to it :\ And I'm not sure it's the same dough though.

    Lovely kiwi flowers btw. And I want red cabbage sprouts too! Should look for some seeds so I can grow my own, because I haven't seen them in the shop for a long time.

    It looks like a great bento! But I can't get over the fact that you don't like tomatoes... Love 'em! Still, you're not the only one; my brother HATES them LOL

  5. Thanks Daby!
    I think spring roll is similar to Indian Samosa. Maybe we can use varied stuff except watery one .

  6. Thanks gnoegnoe!
    Oh I hope you can get some seeds of red cabbage sprout nearby. Would be a chic and delicate garnish in your bento.

    Skin of raw spring roll and usual one differ a little. I think... It may be available at a Southeastern Asian food store. I like a raw version too!

    I can understand those who love tomatoes. How delicious they look! I don't know why but, cannot eat them at all, too bad. But funny that your brother also hates LOL