Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obento May 13, 2010

Goood Morning World!  Also today, a bento diary from Japan.  Today's bento is a fridge-cleaning bento since I didn't have good ingredients enough in the fridge.  In case like this, how about *Chahan* for your bento??  The odds and ends in your fridge will (may) be cleaned up! 

Obento May 13, 2010

Curry flavored bacon chahan (stir fried rice)
Sauteed hot dogs
Boiled carrot flowers and a cherry tomato
Potato salad (leftover)
Kamaboko flowers, edamame beans (look like leaves!?) and red cabbage sprouts (as usual, love it)

Is this bento too cute for Ossan (adult men) !? hahaha OK, I know, it's my complacence.

Obento May 13, 2010-1

Phew~~ Yuppi is going on a school trip tomorrow. So I'll have to make two bentos tomorrow. What should I make for her bento!?


  1. Nice clean out bento!

    No idea what to send for Yuppi's excursion...I'd probably send the girls dumplings or spring rolls - easy finger food. :)

  2. Your fridge-cleaning bento is awesome! I love the bento ... I think your hubby will think the same way. You always pack the healthy, lovely meal for him. So excited for Yuppi! Wish she will have a lot of fun tomorrow :)

  3. Hi Kuusou!
    Your nice suggestion was really helpful.
    By the way, Your spring rolls looked so tasty!

  4. Hi Lia!
    Yuppi left home for the excursion this morning!
    She was really excited and looking forward to having lunch at the park.

  5. DEFINITELY would steal this bento idea for my hubby bento one day...:))
    Love how you present the bento so clean, so neat, so yummy...^_^

  6. I like using leftovers / fridge clean-outs for bento-ing! Well done :) And another kawaii furoshiki... How many do you have??

  7. Hi Deby!
    I hope you had some tips from the bentos here.
    I'm gonna steal cute ideas from yours, tee hee.

  8. Hi gnoegnoe!
    Yeah me too! I think we should make bento anytime need fridge-cleaning, haha

    Well, I have lots of clothes for bento. Have never counted though xD

  9. Mmm, good idea on the fried rice for fridge cleaning--maybe I'll do that for dinner today :D

  10. I think it's a good way to consume stuff in the fridge. I'm curious about your dinner!

  11. ohhh beautiful furoshiki, i love maneki neko *miau*