Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obento April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010

Today's bento has three sorts of skewers.
Rolled asparagus/bacon skewers
Rolled chikuwa/cheese skewers
Cherry tomato skewer
Braised shiitake mushrooms
Stir fried bamboo shoot and shirataki (konnyaku noodles)
Boiled egg balls
Brown rice topped with hanabira-fu (pink flower-shaped gluten puffs)

April 28, 2010-1

Have you ever seen chikuwa?  It's a grilled fish paste tube-shaped, a kind of kamaboko.  I think it's a good item for a bento dish.  It's okay to eat both cooked and non cooked.  You maybe able to find it at an Asian food section of supermarket.  Today, I rolled it with processed cheese slices.  Chikuwa goes well with cheese and it's so easy to make a chikuwa/cheese roll.  So how about it when you can get some chikuwa!?


  1. I need to learn a lot from you for sure. Your bento always looks so mouthwatering with various yummy foods. As my daughter is getting bigger, it's still couple of years to go until she get tired with the charaben bento hehehe ... I think chikuwa and cheese are great combination, will try it too later. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Hello =)
    Really great bento. It's nice to see so much Japanese ingredients.

  3. Hmmm, chikuwa and cheese? New combination to me! I've only ever cooked chikuwa with konnyaku but I will have to try this...sounds tasty :D

  4. Oh, your bentos always looks so delicious! I'm going to have to try to find some of the chikuwa and give it a try. :)

  5. @Lia
    You're welcome! I hope it's useful for your bento and your kids will like it. I think they're so lucky to have a nice bento mommy made everyday.

  6. @Lil'chan
    Hello, welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment!
    So glad if you liked this bento :D

  7. @tofugirl
    I guess you said about ODEN? I like cooked chikuwa too!
    Try the chikuwa-cheese-combination if you don't dislike them. Hope you have a chance to try and will like it.

  8. @Kuusou
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment as always!
    Hope your family all will like it ;D

  9. I had no idea before that chikuwa can be consumed both cooked and uncooked - I always cook it hehe, thanks for the info, but I prefer to always cook it hehe :D. Oh Izumi, I can't help myself everytime I see that Japanese traditional bento box, that box must be great :D

  10. @tatabonita
    You're welcome ;D Yeah it's good any way, chikuwa tempura, simmered one or stir fried one. I like tempura especially.

    Oh I like traditional bento boxes. And so glad if you also like this one!

  11. Super-pretty bento, Izumi! How do you always make it look so cozy and fun to eat? Yum!!

  12. Thank YOU Jenn! *^o^*
    Gonna visit you later!