Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Obento April 27, 2010

Hi my dear friends!  I was taking a break from posting for awhile.  I had a lot of things I'd got to do.  But I realized in the meantime, that I wanted to be connected with people who share the same feeling.  I'm grateful that many of you inspire me anytime.  And I mean to post as much as I can from now on!
Well, here is today's bento.   Ugh...featureless bento!?

bento 2010.4.27

Sauteed chicken tenderloin flavored with oyster sauce and syoyu
Shrimp fritters with sauce
Carrot kimpira
Boiled string beans with creamy sesame dressing
Brown rice topped with scrambled egg 

How to make Shrimp Fritter
First, coat shrimps in a beaten egg then put some potato starch (or corn starch) over them, then repeat the same work only one more time.  And then fry them in a little olive oil (or another vegetable oil you like).

How to make Oyster Sauce Chicken
Dredge pieces of chicken tenderloin with some potato starch (or corn starch or flour), then saute with a little sesame oil (or another vegetable oil you like) in a pan.  Then add a little of syoyu and oyster sauce and water, then mix well.  Done!!

bento 2010.4.27-1

Fritter Sauce
1 Ketchup
1 Tonkatsu sauce or Uster sauce
1/2 Shoyu
A Little spicy seasoning (Chili powder or Tabasco or Mustard or minced Hot pepper or any spices you like)

(Oh boy!!  I forgot to put this sauce into the carrying bag!  Awww the left bottle...  sadly)

Finally, some sorts of flowers are coming up but it's still not warm outside.  Sakura does not start to blossom yet.  I'm really longing for ohanami (cherry blossoming) picnic!

flower 2010.4.27-2

flower 2010.4.27-2

flower 2010.4.27

flower 2010.4.27-3
©photographed by Yuppi

Tulip is about to bloom right now.  What color will it come out!?   Can't wait!
flower 2010.4.27-4
©photographed by Yuppi

And... I forgot to stick this picture HAHA!
Obento April 22th, 2010

Ketchup chicken
Curry flavored chikuwa tempra
Sauteed shiitake mushrooms
Slices of negi omelet
Nori cheese rolls
Cherry tomato skewer
Brown rice topped with nori


  1. We always wait patiently for your great bento hehehe ... yipee! Can't wait for more great posts from you. The flower pictures are beautiful. Come along with your beautiful bento :)

  2. Yay, I'm glad you're back to posting! Missed your bentos :) Love your flower photos, so beautiful.

  3. Good to see you again! Your lunch looks yummy and I really enjoy seeing the recipes listed. :)

    The flower pictures are beautiful!

  4. Looks delish! And I love the flower pictures.

  5. So nice to see your beautiful posts again, Izumi! Another bento to make me drool and wonderfully fresh nature pictures--what a treat!

  6. Thanks Lia!
    Sorry to have you waiting for my bento for a long time LOL! You're always so sweet.
    Thanks for your encouraging comment as always!!

  7. Thanks tofugirl!
    I'm happy to be back here and see you ladies again.
    I read your post and enjoy every time even if not leave my comment to your blog :D

  8. Thanks Kuusou!
    I'm so glad you read my recipes.
    Hope it's useful for you bento.

  9. Thanks Ellen!
    I'm so glad you loved these flowers :D

  10. Thanks Jenn!
    It's getting warm little by little here.
    The flowers around me are coming up little by lettle, too! :D

  11. I like this bento the best! with the shrimp fritters~ yum!

  12. Thanks mr. pineapple man!
    So glad you liked the shrimps :D