Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Korokoro Bento

Korokoro Bento

Today's bento has only simple dishes (as usual). 
This one contains two rice balls,
a boiled egg squeeze ball,
potato and chikuwa kimpira (flavored with shoyu, suger, curry powder and sesame)
Fried chicken fillets and bell pepper (flavored with ketchup and shoyu).
korokoro is meaning 'small balls'.

We went on a ski trip last weekend for 3 days.  We enjoyed skiing and aquarium (I didn't skiing at all, though).  We were able to see various animals and fishes.  I will post the travel pics more next time!





  1. Pretty korokoro bento! And the egg ball is a great idea to put in the bento. I will borrow this idea if you don't mind :) It's always so interesting to look at the pictures from other places. Kids must love to go to the aquarium.

  2. I've never seen an eggball...now I'll have to figure out how to make one!

    Even if your bento is simple it looks good and filling!

    Love the pictures of the cute penguins!

  3. These penguin pics made my afternoon, Izumi! Cute bento, too :D

  4. Your kokoro bento is simply looked delicious! About your trip, I feel a bit jealous since I can't see penguins here in Indonesia ha ha, lucky you! :D

  5. @Lia
    Sure take away the idea. I also stole it from bento book, hehe.
    We had a lot of fun at the aquarium. ^^

  6. @Kuusou
    It's super easy to make.
    Mash yolk of boiled egg with spoon
    Add salt and other seasonings (as you like)
    Cut egg white, mix it into the mashed yolk
    Wrap it in a plastic wrap, then shape into a ball then squeeze the plastic wrap tightly.

    Hope you have a chance to make it!

  7. @Jenn
    I loved the penguin of the second shot.
    He totally attracted me!

  8. @tatabonita
    Aw I can understand. But I'm jealous of your country---abundant nature, good foods and fruits. And I want to live in a warm climate place. :D