Thursday, April 08, 2010

Magewappa Bento #2 and Ninjin shirishiri Bento

magewappa bento 2

Today's magewappa contains cheese-stuffed chicken cutlets,
slices of nori-rolled egg,
stir-fried radish leaf and shirasu (teeny tiny sardines),
mentsuyu (sauce for Japanese noodles)-braised carrot stars,
pink kamoboko roses
and a pickled radish.

Carrot Shirishiri Bento

The second bento has dishes that go well with rice.
Stir-fried pork slices flavored with syoyu and suger,
grilled mackerel slices,
braised shimeji mushrooms and chicken fillets flavored with yuzukosyo (yuzu citrus/green hot pepper sauce)
and ninjin shirishiri (stir-fried shredded carrot and egg) flavored with salt and black pepper.
Ninjin shirishiri is one of Okinawan home style dishes.  Okinawa is south islands of Japan.  I live in a big north island of Japan, though.

My travel report is continuing.  We stayed at Hotel Kiroro last weekend.  Kiroro city is like 250km (150 miles) away from our town.  Although there was hardly snow around the town, Mountain Kiroro had tons of snow.  My hubby, daughter and nephew enjoyed skiing a lot.  I'll carry the rest of animal pics on next time!

Kiroro Hotel
Hotel entrance

Hotel Lobby
Hotel lobby

Kiroro Mountain
Skiing at Mt. Kiroro

Kiroro Mountain


  1. Your bento are always so delicious! Really admire your cooking skills. The one who eat it so lucky. Nice hotel and the snow just amazing ... Your kids must be so good in skiing :)

  2. both of these are beautiful and so appetizing... but it's the rolled eggs that i want to try for my own bentos as soon as i can! they're just lovely. did you use a mat (like for rolling sushi)? love your stars, roses, and stir-fry carrot and egg, too!

  3. So decorative and full of interesting treats--love this bento! I'm with megan, the rolled eggs add a very special touch with very cool contrasting colors. Thanks ofr sharing your travel pics, too!

  4. Look at all that snow!! I'm so jealous. :)

    Your bentos look great as always and the rolled egg looks very yummy!

  5. Thank you Lia! I always esteem your creative skills. Want make a cute bento like yours someday!

    Although my kid and nephew are still novice skiers, they like skiing.

  6. Thank you megan!
    I used a sudare mat. But at that time, I couldn't find a sudare for makizushi so I used a round sudare for soba noodles instead.
    So the rolled eggs got distorted...^^;
    I bet you can make better ones than mine.

  7. Thank you Jenn!
    Egg dishes are popular so it's fun to devise variations of them.
    Egg is a perfect item for Japanese bento. ^^

  8. Thank you Kuuso!
    Although it was already spring, still enough snow on the mountain. They were skiing for several hours. ^^

  9. Aw, your bentos are so pretty (as usual!)

    That hotel looks really nice. I can't ski at all, but I would like to go and make some snowmen :D

  10. Thank you tofugirl!
    I love your bento style so I'm now seriously pondering whether I should buy a lunch jar (Mr.bento)...^^

    I mind the cold but like to make a BIG snowman. It's so exciting!

  11. You should! I bet you would make them much nicer looking than mine...I haven't even had time to pack mine lately, must start again.

    I like making little miniature snowmen :D And then you can pretend you're a giant! Or maybe that's just me..hehe!

  12. I wait for your bento ^^

    It sounds so fun to make many miniature snowmen. We may be able to be Gullivers??? :D