Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Magewappa Bento #3 and Sukiyaki Bento

The other day, Yuppi's new school term started so I've been a little busy lately. I'm sorry that I can't have enough time to leave a comment to my favorite blogs but I read their posts and enjoy them.
Now, winter is back here. Where has spring gone?! It's snowing and blowing hard right now. Spring had come once, though... The dull weather continues so my camera doesn't do a good job and I can't take clear pictures in my dark room.  I'm wondering whether I should get a new one!? OK, I'm going to consider more about this matter. Make an effort, my camera!!

magewappa bento 3
Magewappa Bento #3
Grilled salty salmon filet
Mashed potato
Simmered bamboo shoot and chicken
Stir fried chikuwa slices flavored with shoyu and curry powder
Daikon radish pickles
Medium polished rice

magewappa #3

sukiyaki bento
Sukiyaki Bento--- super quick bento
Simmered pork slices, shirataki (konnyaku noodles), onion and carrot
Green peas flavored with salt
A soft boiled egg
Koume (plum pickle) and pieces of kombu sheet on the white rice

My travel report is STIll continuing.  Those of you who wonder how long does it continue.  Yes, of course until I get satisfied!! hehehe. I'm still basking in the afterglow of the trip...*^.^*

Otaru Aquarium
There faces the sea.  Sooo many kinds of marine animals live in there!
I'm afraid I couldn't take pictures of all kinds of the animals.

Earless seal
A sliding earless seal
What a cute style!!
Hyuu~~~~ Kersplash!

Pink Pelicans
''Hey what's up?''
He has such cute feet!

dolphins 1
Jumping dolphins

dolphins 2

dolphin 4
CLAP!  Great job!!!

(Wow...out of focus)

dolphins 3
They said "Thank you all! ^o^"  And were speaking something.  I was not able to understand it, though.  I think I must learn the language of dolphin.
Thanks for the great show, Iruka chan!


  1. Great trip, so much fun! Yummy magewappa bento still continue ... and I feel so lucky to look at your blog with all great bento you made :) Love the dolphins, they are the gentlest creature in my mind.

  2. Drooling bento as always :D. That photo of sliding earless seal is my most fave! I just love the way it slides - the coolest style of animal I've ever seen hahaha LOL

  3. Great travel pictures! The sliding seal is so darn cute. :)

    Bentos look yummy, especially the salmon!

  4. Thanks Lia!
    The dolphins had so gentle-looking!
    I think they're wise and thoughtful.

  5. Thanks tatabonita!
    I think so, too! Does he look so happy, doesn't he!? I think he was really enjoying sliding ^^

  6. Welcome mr. pineapple man!
    So glad you loved this post, thank you!

  7. Thanks Kuusou!
    You also like the seal!? I think he is popular with everyone. He maybe glad now ^^

  8. Wonderful photos, Izumi!!
    I was curious, can you post some recipes for simple okazu??
    I would love to see them!

  9. Welcome Kat!
    Well, I usually cook without measuring, but I'll try to write recipes as much as I can. It maybe rough ones, though ^^

  10. What a cute post! I'd like to slide like the seal right into this yummy bento! In the language of the wise and thoughtful dolphins, "I love your blog"!

  11. Thanks Jenn!
    HAHA Okay, come on Jenn! ^0^
    They were *Bottlenose dolphins* and had really charming faces!
    And they reminded me of *Flipper*

  12. all those animals are so adorable, looks like your trip was so much fun, thanks for sharing your pictures!

    and both bentos look delicious -- wonderful and appetizing work!

  13. Thanks megan for enjoying the pictures.

    By the way, though I forgot to say to you, congratulations on the prize that you won! I was so happy, too. You always do a great work!