Thursday, April 01, 2010

First Magewappa Bento

magewappa bento 1

Today's bento photo is boring but the bentobako is not boring.  This is my latest bentobako, I really love it!
I thought that I had to put wafu (Japanese traditional style) dishes in this wooden bentobako.

Today's bento dishes...
slices of tamagoyaki (Japanese omelet),
grilled mackerel fillets,
pieces of chikuwa tempra,
pieces of teriyaki carrot/pork roll,
daikon radish pickles (flavored and colored with yukari),
and broccoli sprouts.


Guess what this is?  Yep an orange, name is 'Dekopon', featuring its weird shape and name.  But It's the best Japanese orange (I think).  There are countless kinds of citrus fruits in Japan.  Dekopon is juicy and delicious in particular.  I made some dessert using this citrus and marshmallow.

Today's OYATSU
Super easy fluffy yogurt dessert
The marshmallows have got smooth, fluffy and yummier.  It must melt away in your mouth.

Fluffy Yogurt

Ingredients are just plain yogurt and marshmallow.
At first, wash marshmallows briefly (remove corn starch away), then drain well.
Mix it with yogurt then cool it overnight in refrigerator.
You could garnish any sorts of fruits you like before serving.
My mint is coming out the new tiny leaves from the ground!



  1. Your text and photos are just delightful, Izumi! Thank you for sharing this blossom-fresh bento and congrats on the beautiful new bentobako :)

  2. Lucky you to have a huge kinds of citrus in Japan. Love that unique orange, thanks for sharing it with us :D

  3. Hi Jenn!
    Thank you for being pleased together with my new bentobako and reading the text.

  4. Hi Kuusou!
    Thanks so much for your comment as always!

  5. Hi tatabonita!
    So glad to see you again!
    Yeah Japanese like citrus fruits so much. Tons of new kinds have been produced so far.

  6. Gosh ... I fall in love with this bento! So pretty and everything are perfectly put in your magewappa box. You've done it again! Make me hungry for so many times hehehe :D

  7. Welcome back Lia!
    I love this magewappa too. But it's too deep to pack foods neatly...^^'
    Thanks for your sweet and cute comment as always!

  8. Hi Izumi,
    I stumbled upon yr blog, and love that fluffy yogurt dessert..I am imagining eating a cloud..^-^,looks yummy!

  9. Thanks and welcome debyyong!
    Hope you have a chance to eat a cloud dessert. ^o^