Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chicken Curry Bento and Wet Heart and Takoyaki Cakes

It rains very often these days. I've had a hard time photographing good shots. I think lack of sunlight is always bugging food-shooters. I'm sick of dull weather in the morning! So Autumnal rain wets my heart too. Oh well, a lot of my bento pictures have piled up but I'm only going to post one bento this time because I have so many pics that I'd like to share here!

This bento has...
stir-fried purple potato,
boiled spinach,
a half of boiled egg yolk
chicken curry & rice,
boiled egg white stars atop the curry.

*babykins' super quick chicken curry recipe*
I like this curry, so simple and quick that it's perfect for a busy morning. Perhaps this can't be called curry!? TOO simple to be called CURRY. So should I name it *curry flavored chicken*??

2 Chicken thighs (boneless)
Some flour
1 tablespoon shoyu
1 tablespoon Worcester sauce
About 5 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon curry powder
A little of salt and any spices you like or garam masala


1) Cut the chicken then dredge it in the flour a lot (this flour will thicken curry sauce afterward).
2) Sear the chicken in a pan until light brown.
3) Add all the seasonings and the water then braise it until cooked (for a few minutes).
Done!! It is super easy to make, isn't it!?


In the meantime, the omatsuri report still continues! This would continue until I satisfy myself lol! If you go to an Omatsuri you should go at dusk because you could enjoy a lot more the atmosphere.
2010.9.16 shrine festival (6)

Skewer-stuff stall is a regular, they have oden, yakitori, squid skewers and drinks.
2010.9.16 shrine festival (28)

Another regular stall is TAKOYAKI! Who doesn't like it? These takoyaki are pretty big than normal ones.
2010.9.16 shrine festival (23)
Speaking of takoyaki......

JA JAAAAN!! We made takoyaki at home the other day!DSC_0571

Haha it's a joke, not takoyaki! Yuppi and her pal tried making cake balls using a takoyaki pan. Who made them overflow?? Yes it's me. We used pancake mixture. Maybe I'll update the recipe later.

The girls stuffed and decorated these ones with chocolate. That was so fun work! The mixture is not that sweet so you could put various things into it instead of chocolate.... Cut apple or banana, fruit jam, custard cream, sweet bean paste, cheese, hum and so on. Of course you could put in cut octopus if you want, I won't judge. Only I can't assure you of the taste lol!

These ones are stuffed with teeny tiny hotdogs. Its taste is similar to corn dogs but much healthier, and yes YUM!

Aren't these cute?? Don't they look yummy??

Updated a recipe!!
babykins' takoyaki cake (pancake) recipe
400 gram (14 oz) flour
70 gram (about 8 tablespoons) brown sugar or sugar you like
2 to 3 teaspoons baking powder
520 gram (18.3 oz) mixture of egg and milk, including 4 eggs
4 tablespoons melted butter or vegetable oil

1) Put the flour, sugar and baking powder in a large bowl and mix well with whisk.
2) Add the egg/milk mixture and melted butter into the bowl and mix until the flour disappears and the whole batter is smooth.
3) Then cook it as you like! Give it a try!!


  1. What an awesome idea! I love takoyaki and have been thinking of getting a takoyaki pan - this gives me even more incentive to buy one, lol. The cake balls look yummy!

  2. I love the idea of making pancakes in a takoyaki pan - they look great!

    (Just discovered your blog, btw - love it!)

  3. @cherry bento
    Takoyaki-pan cooking is really fun! Maybe you could make dishes for bento with it besides takoyaki and cakes. I hope you can get one soon! :D

  4. @Su-Lin
    Welcome Su Lin! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! :D

  5. Takoyakiiiiii!!!!! *drooling :D~~~~~~*
    Btw, I love what you do with your simple and quick chicken curry, I love the way that you do too hehehe :D

  6. @tatachan
    Wow your name has turned into longer! What does that mean!? What should I call you in the future? :D :D :D

  7. Nom! Lovely photos galore and I'm thrilled to see your recipes, Izumi! Your blog is a bright and beautiful part of my day....

  8. Hey Jenn! I'm thinking how your next bento will come out. I'll hop off to you later!

  9. Awww the takoyaki cakes are adorable! Every time I see your photos, I get reminded of how badly I want to visit Japan! I hope you post more!! Hehehe!

  10. @Heather
    You've never been here!? If not you should come here soon and try various Japanese food ! My post is everlasting! Be prepared please haha!