Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kima Curry and Yaki Udon and Last Sakura

Hey there! How are you doing up? Actually I've made few bentos lately because I've been busy. Plus It seems like I've been out of luck! I dropped a heavy pan on my toe the other day. The kitchen drain pipe overflowed and the floor was flooded about a week ago. And I fell over in front of the house holding laundry a couple of days ago. My right toe and ribs still a bit hurt. Aaahh poor me! What unfortunate days... I'm still alive though hehe!

In the meantime I feel so sorry for the losses by the tornado that struck Joplin, MO. That really  reminds me of the sights of Tohoku, Japan (hit by the hugest tsunami). So I feel so sad. It's our turn to pray for them. I've heard a lot of sad news recently... But looking at everyone's bentos always makes me feel good! I really love and enjoy seeing bentos my buddies made even if I don't have time to leave a comment to them. Thank you all!

So I thought I had to post something so that I would pick myself up even more. Post something? Yes of course I do bento!! Today I assembled scraps and made a quick kima curry, seasoned it with a piece of Japanese curry cube, tomato puree, syoyu, usuta sauce, garam masala, and salt. This bento also has turmeric rice, a syoyu tamago, purple potato salad, pickled turnip, turnip leaf stir-fry, and a cup of orange yogurt for a perfect-curry-dessert. I'll write my simple syoyu tamago recipe next time! Oh I forgot to say that this one was the store-bought-looking bento series part 3!! Or I should call it *deli style bento series*?... I guess.

This one is a yakiudon bento, consists of udon, pork slices, shrimps, cabbage, seasoned with yakisoba sauce. I put an aonori omelet on it. Omelet goes great with yakiudon and yakisoba. Apple/dekopon yogurt for dessert.

Late-blossoming sakura are still bursting around my area. Since they are double-flowered the petals look fluffy, and the color is so pretty pink!



Have a happy Thursdee!!


  1. I hope your luck gets better!  With bentos like these it has to!  The sakura are beautiful and so delicate.  I love your pictures of them :)

  2. ジョプリンでの竜巻の写真を見たとき、最初震災の写真かと思いました。大きな被害に心を痛めております。


  3. Thanks so much for the sweet encouragement! Tasty bentos and spring flowers would cheer me up for sure :)

  4. ohayobento  
    Thanks so much for the sweet encouragement! Tasty bentos and spring flowers would cheer me up for sure :)

  5. aya hirano 

    ほ~今ツツジの季節かぁ。こっちはこれからかしら・・・ 昨日はこっちも夏日で暑かったです~。何種類かハーブを植えました。^^

  6. hello there, love your blog
    many delicious bento ideas to try :D

  7. The yakiudon looks soooo delicious...! Makes me want to have some udon again even though I just had it a few days ago ;). The sakura looks so pretty too!

  8. @9ddada242b78c88059a25a727b6c7e93 
    You ate one?! I love udon! Cold, stir-fry, hot... any of them! Aww thanks! ^^