Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mock Gyudon Bento and Baked Goods

Good mornin!! A fun weekend has just started. Today it's a bit gloomy outside though. Oh well, I'm glad to get to write something to share today also. Yeah I like writing. But as I mentioned earlier, I have a lot of stuff to do lately. I think I'm going to have to slow down my blogging. I actually have tons of articles, recipes and something that I'd love to share with everyone though... In fact I decided I'd spend time for my family as much as possible. But you can find what I'm making for fun everyday on twitter.

Well I made many eats Yesterday! This is... I call it *mock gyudon bento*. Do you know *Yoshinoya no Gyudon*? Gyudon is a bowl of rice topped with simmered beef slices, which is a kind of savory dombri (rice and dish in a bowl). However I rarely eat beef. So you can hardly find beef dishes in my bentos. So I used pork slices for this one instead of beef. Are you aware yet? That this gyudon looks pretty much the same as Sukiyaki. But gyudon only has beef and onion unlike sukiyaki. I added shirataki to them this time because I love it! Since I only prepared the mock gyudon, this bento turned out too simple and bland. Okay, one store bought looking gyudon bento is done up aha!
mock gyudon #bento #lunch

I made some syoyu tamago the other day. Syoyu tamago (soy-soaked boiled eggs) are also called *aji tama* (flavored eggs). I guess some of you have seen it in ramen before. You know, egg goes well with gyudon and sukiyaki besides noodles. There are a lot of syoyu egg recipes out there. I like to only use syoyu, but you can make your eggs as you like. It's okay to add dashi or chicken stock, sugar, mirin, spices etc.. according to your taste. I added 1 tablespoon shoyu to 5 boiled eggs, then allowed it to soak well for more than 20 minutes, flipping or rolling them in the polybag several times to soak overall (in this way, you don't need to waste a lot of syoyu). Syoyu tamago can keep for a few days in the fridge.
syoyu tamago

I baked whole wheat breads yesterday. They turned out so good.
whole wheat bread

Also I baked some cupcakes. I'm into cupcakes lately. Trying to come up with a nice fluffy cupcake recipe. This is decorated with morron whipped cream.
marron whipped cream #cupcake

Though I only took two pictures Yuppi and I made some kinds of creams this time. Yuppi decorated all of them. You know what, this cream is supper nice in particular!! So I have to write, and you have to try! Don't you wanna know?? We added some cherry jam to unsweetened heavy cream, then whipped. Without an electric mixer, you could make whipped cream pretty damn quick because of the pectine that's included in jam. And I think cherry jam is the best for a berry cream, ummm YUMMooo.
cherry whipped cream #cupcake


  1. Even if it is a simple bento, I bet it tastes very good! And those cupcakes look yummy! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks so much Sonoma! The cupcakes are all so good! :)
    I guess you can't see the Disqus comment board on your screen?

    Have a lovely weekend too! :D

  3. Monika Fiszer 
    Thank you for the comment Monika! I'll have to go check out your blogs later.
    Yes I like Bonne Maman's :) And baking cupcakes too! That egg was a bit too soft but the bento was really yummy :D

  4. @fd58982ed94e632b62f1e1b17c655a17  I knew! So I've been abit worried about you. I hope your work goes well and you can be comfortable soon :) 

  5. I know, it was soooo busy the last two months and my job really had me stressed out!  I think it should be a bit calmer now, so hopefully I'll have time for blogging again :)

  6. mmmm, and the bon maman jams!!! I love your cupcakes, they are so cute and sweet! And your bento is lovely, so yellow yolk!

    Monika from

  7. I agree with Sonoma Bento, it looks delicious!  I love your cupcakes!!  I want one so bad ^_^  Using cherry jam and whipped cream for a topping is brilliant!

  8. Nice idea to add cherry jam to your cream before whipping!  I will have to try it.  Also, that sukiyaki looks delicious (I looooove shirataki!!!). 

  9. Even if it is a simple bento, I bet it tastes very good! And those cupcakes look yummy! Have a great weekend!

  10. @05b0ec51ce749320557fdce6c31d50d4 
    Thanks so much Sonoma! The cupcakes were all so good! :)
    I guess Disqus comment board doesn't come up on your screen for some reason?

    Have a lovely weekend too! :D