Friday, April 22, 2011

Sukiyaki Bento

I didn't have enough time this morning so I incredibly speedily turned and worked in the kitchen. I threw all ingredients into a pan and dashed off!

Store-bought-looking bento series part 2!! (Just *looking* -- not store-bought lol). This sukiyaki bento contains rice underneath sweet/salty-cooked ingredients --- pork slices, shirataki, onion slices, shimeji mushrooms, green onion and boiled quail eggs. A fruit cup for refreshment. Easter is coming soon but I came up with nothing for an Easter themed bento. But after shooting this bento I noticed that this one incidentally had two must items for Easter yay! Ummm I think Easter bentos are supposed to be cute or pretty. So can't this be counted as an Easter bento?? But anyhoo I sure did this year also hehe!!


Make your Easter/weekend a fabulous one!


  1. I LOVE sukiyaki. My Japanese teacher once taught us how to make sukiyaki in high school. It was really cool and she even told us to top our sukiyaki with raw egg - but I didn't do so because I didn't (and still don't) have the guts eating raw egg ;).

  2. this definitely counts as an easter bento -- you have a bunny (in the fruit cup) and you have little easter eggs! everything looks delicious as usual.

    hope you have a wonderful holiday izumi :-)

  3. Yup, bunnies and easter eggs! That counts. Have a great weekend, babykins!

  4. Oh thanks Sonoma! Have a lovely Easter and holiday, you too! :D

  5. Hi there! It's been fun to catch up on your bento posts. They all look so delicious. :)
    This one looks tasty even for being "thrown together"! I love the little splash of color you have on the side. :)

  6. YaHo Kuusou! It's great to have you back here! Thanks, glad you enjoyed reading my posts :)