Friday, April 29, 2011

Huge Onigiri Bento

Hi there! How is your day? Our work week is about to end. A long holiday will start tomorrow inatead! I don't have any plans for the holiday yet though. Maybe I'm going to make some bentos in the meantime. And I hope we can go on a sakura picnic!

Yuppi has made bento dishes straight recently as I wrote earlier. So I can be somewhat lazy every morning. All I have to do is pack my own bento and take bento pictures, wheee! Today's bentos only consist of scraps from the fridge. Mushroom/pork/edamame stir-fry, spinach/corn salad (our late favorite) with sesame dressing, a nori/tamagoyaki swirl, a mini vanilla cheese cake and usual fruits for dessert. I mixed *ume nameshi* -- kind of a furikake (made out of umeboshi and green veggies) into rice, and made a flower atop the rice using pink ginger pickle. I like it much better than pink fish sausage or kamaboko to be honest. This time I took a thermal bottle of hot hoji tea with this bento. I really liked today's lunch, simple yet tasty and satisfying. Though it was rainy and chilly today, the hoji tea warmed my heart.

These bentos below are Yuppi's arrangements. They contain sauteed bacon-wrapped cherry tomatoes besides the same food as mine. Who ate this huge onigiri?! You compare it with the two mini onigiri in the red container. (Maybe she didn't want to make more than three onigiri ha!)

Happy weekend all my pals!!


  1. @d8c8e32ae7629e4c80d4b5c4a35f4379
    Thanks Lia! I got to take a lot of sakura pictures yay. :)
    I'm sure you had a great trip in the UK!

  2. @9ddada242b78c88059a25a727b6c7e93
    Thanks for your compliment to her! She's helped me lately. :)

  3. Have a great weekend Izumi! Don't forget to take pretty sakura pictures when you go to the picnic later :) Tasty bento is always the best. I like the simple little touch with ginger pickles <3

  4. Yuppi makes nice bento! I like the color of the pickled ginger...will have to try to find some here and give it taste.

    Enjoy your holiday. :)

  5. How nice is that, having a lovely someone prepare a bento meal for you :)! What a great daughter Yuppi is :D

  6. Have a beautiful sakura picnic my dear! Simple, elegant and beautiful bentos like these would go so well with spring's flowering branches...