Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pocket Sandwich and Nikumiso Onigiri

I meant to bake whole wheat breads but the dough didn't rise well for some reason. I wondered how I should make it. Then devil babykins said *Throw it in the garbage! It's no longer useful.* Meanwhile, angel babykins said *No! It's a shame to waste food!* Of course I made a good choice. I decided to make the most of the dough and I thought it hopefully might come out chapati or pita.

I made pocket sandwiches using MOCK pita breads. I stir-fried chopped chicken tender and onion, then seasoned with a little curry powder and usuta sauce (kind of a tonkatsu sauce) and ketchup and salt. And the other pita pockets have some salt-boiled cut potato and cheese slices. I was a bit surprised and excited with the taste! I think normal breads also go well with a combo of simply boiled potato and cheese. Simple yumminess. Give it a try!!

Today's bento is simple. I made two nikumiso onigiri, crispy chicken, pan-fried potato and a cup of fruit custard for dessert. This time I'd like to share my nikumiso recipe. *Niku* means meat, so niku-miso is meat-miso, which is very salty and kind of a filling for onigiri. You can put it in onigiri or directly put it on hot rice and eat. For those vegetarian, you can use vegetables (garlic, ginger, onion, bellpeper, carrot, burdock, etc..) instead of meat. It is called *yasai-miso* (vegetable miso).

By the way these onigiri are inspired by one of my sweet bento pals, Gamene's vege meatballs (Bento Zen). Her meatballs have turned out really pretty, tasty!

babykins' nikumiso recipe
1/2 teaspoon brown sesame oil or your favorite vegetable oil
2 chicken tender fillets or your favorite meat (chopped or ground)
About 3 tablespoons chopped scallion
4 tablespoons miso (salty bean and/or rice paste)
1 to 2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon water
1 teaspoon sake (if you have)
A little chili pepper (if you like)

1) Put the oil, chopped chicken and scallion in a frying pan and stir-fry over medium heat for a few minutes.

2) Add all the rest of the ingredients and stir-fry for another few minutes until the excess liquid is gone. Adjust the taste as you like. Done!!
Note: This could keep in the fridge for awhile.

Nikumiso would go great with various veggies as well -- especially cuke!


  1. I think you have made the right decision! The pocket sandwiches look absolutely delicious and stunning :D)!

  2. OK, now my mouth is watering! I have to try your nikumiso, it looks and sounds so delicious. Ooooh I wish I could cook some right now! OK Ok I have to stop drooling :) because I also wanted to say that I really love your mock pita breads. Good for you being so creative and not throwing it away, it turned out beautiful!

  3. Oh, love the yummy pictures and recipe how-to's--feels like I'm in the kitchen with you. The spiced chicken pita sammie filling is a delight, I must try this! Yummy nikumiso is also calling to me, another recipe to enjoy...thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend Izumi :D

  4. Thanks so much Cooking Gallery! My daughter loved the sandwiches so much. It turned out way much better than I thought :)

  5. Yes, since you are big on miso stuff you should definitely make nikumiso before you get tired of miso! :D
    Really good I didn't make the dough garbage. Thanks for the sweet comment!

  6. What do you mean by a while, I made some a couple months ago and left it in freezer in a tightly sealed container. Do you think it is still safe to eat?

  7. I meant about a week. I won't suggest saving any foods that long because food taste sure will change as time goes.

    I can tell, if your nikumiso still tastes, smells and looks good it may be ok to eat :)