Sunday, April 03, 2011

Teriyaki Pork Bento and Chicken Katsu Bento

Aaahh how much I love the natural colors of food! Especially purple veggies! I'm always appreciative of the gift from nature.

Rice topped with teriyaki pork slices, purple potato/edamame/corn salad, mineola orange wedges. Purple cabbage sprouts atop the teriyaki pork.

Rice, chicken katsu skewers, tomato/cheese omelet slices, mashed purple potato, and boiled veggies.

Chicken katsu slices, rice underneath it, a boiled egg wedge with mayo, purple potato salad, a milk/iyokan-orange kanten for dessert. You can check out my kanten dessert recipe on the previous post.

I found cow-printed mini plastic jars at the fancy goods store the other day. Aren't they pretty cute?? I like them so much hehe. When I bought them I decided I'd sure make a milk dessert.
Happy Sunday!!


  1. I love how they all have similar ingredients but they look so different! I love them! Can I come over and eat??? :)

  2. I was abit surprised when I saw this post at first. All the bentos have pretty much the same ingredients lol. I love purple potatoes but already ran out of them, sadly...

    Sure come on right away! But I ate up all haha!

  3. Purple indeed looks gorgeous in your bento! Teriyaki pork slices are too delicious :)

  4. the cow jars are adorable! and all three of these bentos are just gorgeous, resplendent in the natural colors of the food and your tasty preparations. katsu on a skewer is a great idea, i will have to try that!

  5. Beautiful and fresh as always, and I so agree about loving the natural colors of food, especially purple which glows in bentos so magically. Cutest cow-print jars, I love French-inspired cuteness like this!

  6. おお、紫シリーズ!面白い&美味しそうです♪

  7. I love those cow cups :D So cute. I've been going to flea markets on the weekends to look for fun and unique dishes, specifically so I can stop using the same boring dishes haha. I love purple potato too! But I never can buy them here....

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  9. Thanks Lia! I think purple color of food is one of treasures we can receive from nature. Of course I love pink color too! ;)

  10. 綾さんありがとう!! むらさきフードは見ててワクワクしますよね。私だけかな!? :P

  11. I'm sooo jealous! No flea markets here as far as I know. and I can hardly buy nice platewares because my town is a small one. I believe any nice items worldwide are available in NYC. I look at your post thinking that your dishes are nice and classy each time.

  12. Thank you so much Krisi! I'm glad and honored. I'll try it later :)