Thursday, April 21, 2011

BLO Sammy and Subuta Bento

Man, it's amazing! We made a lot of bentos today. Although you can only see 5 here, Yuppi and I made total 7 bentos this time... phew! I felt as if I were a bento shop staff. All of today's bentos are themed *takeout lunch*. Yes, they are shamming store-bought haha! It was fun to pack store-bought-looking lunches. By the way, I'm going to wash these throwaway packaging clean and reuse again and again. I've been trying to create less waste for the environment but I want to play around with bento props at times. I actually don't want to buy bento stuff anymore but I do find my self grabbing cute or interesting goods (even if it's non-for-bento) here and there ahhh.

BLO sammies (not BLT) -- bacon/lettuce/omelet, chestnut cream, cherry jam. A pork/chicken burger (leftover from last night).


This is for Yuppi (she packed herself).

We were all so busy and had to go out tonight so we needed a bento dinner so that we could eat dinner fast. Yuppi made all the dishes below after school. Then I packed myself this bento. She'd been craving for subuta (Chinese sweet/sour pork dish) so this one contains it. The rest of the bento are tamagoyaki slices, daigakuimo (candy-coated sweet potato), a grilled saba (mackerel) fillet, a dekopon orange wedge. I rarely buy furikake because don't like it too much, but I found a bag of pretty furikake the other day, which was tasty yay!

Yuppi packed herself this one. It contains pretty much the same dishes as mine.

I found tiny springs around my house.

Trumpet narcissuses



Happy warm Friday all!!


  1. Yeah she'll be my boss in the near future haha! She is a bit stubborn. Thanks so much for your kind words as always!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of bentos...! I am drooling here ;). You and your daughter are such a good team in bento making, must be fun to have such a lovely kitchen helper, or maybe she's even the boss in the kitchen ;)??