Friday, April 08, 2011

Three Spring Bento Sisters

The title doesn't have any special meanings haha. But as you see, spring has come here at last woo hoo!!

Tofu/chicken soboro bento. I'd like to share my healthy yummy soboro recipe sometime. I'm ready for a sakura picnic. However it looks like I have another few weeks to wait. I just can't wait!!


Chicken nanbanzuke with tarutaru sauce, potato salad, tamagoyaki slices, and a candy omusubi. I *remade* karaage (fried chicken) that I'd made the night before into nanbanzuke. Nanbanzuke is a combo of tarutaru sauce and fried chicken marinated in a mixture of shoyu and mirin and vinegar. It's so tasty that I hope to write the recipe also.

Rice sammy bento. Rice sammy is easier to make than onigiri and norimaki. And also much easier to eat. I put pork soboro, thin tamagoyaki and tarako in them. It's okay to put in whatever you like that goes well with rice.

fluffy butter chocolate cupcakes-3
I baked chocolate cupcakes the last weekend. Fluffy and flavorful. I'm so happy with the result, but I need to complete this recipe. Then I'll share it!

Fabulous weekend!!


  1. These are beautiful! There are so many new things for me. I don't know what tarako or tarutaru is. I would love to see your recipes too!!! :)

  2. all three bentos are lovely, and the cupcakes look delicious! can't wait for the recipe!

    have a great weekend :-)

  3. Delightful! Sunshine and sunny spring colors glow from this post, Izumi, love it! So beautiful, your tofu/soboro bento...happy weekend pal :D!

  4. Oh you didn't know of them? Tarutaru is tartar sauce, tarako is salted cod roe. I really want to write a recipe every day if I could. It's a bit difficult to write in English for me to be honest :)

  5. The cupcake was so good that I'd like to send you one If I could.

    Thank you Megan, you too!!

  6. I'm proud of this soboro, actually hehe. Thank you as always Jenn. Are you gonna go out somewhere nice this weekend?

  7. 豆腐と鶏肉のそぼろ!栄養的にとっても良いですね。この組み合わせは全く気がつきませんでした。

  8. Hey, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog! I'm so inspired by all the cute and easy colorful bentos you make...I'm hoping to give lunch boxes a try this summer. :-)

  9. Hi Babykins, I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog...!!! I love making bento too and your bentos all look delicious :D). I will certainly visit often to get some ideas for my bento :).

  10. Thank you Sophia! I'm glad you enjoy this blog. I think you should start packing your bento as soon as you decide. It' so fun and good for your health! :)

  11. Welcome and thank you Cooking Gallery! I'm glad to have another bento pal now! :D

  12. pleeeeaaassse i'm un Japan actually and i really want to have the tarutaru sauce recipe, it's awesome !!!! Oishi desu!
    arigato gosaïmas !!!

  13. Hello del!
    I'm really sorry that I'm too behind... I wonder if you'll read this, but hope to post my tarutaru recipe sometime :D