Monday, April 11, 2011

Yakiudon and Purple Salad and Oyakodon

Haaaahh look at these! Edible sapphires! Seriously I'm thinking that I want to wear pieces of these purple potatoes as accessories. I'm getting lately a purple addict, purple woman or purple monster?!? No no I'm just a purple-eater lol! As a matter of fact, it's not that I love all of purple things. I only love purple vegetables.

purple potatoes

This time I grabbed odds and ends together from the fridge and made yakiudon (stir-fried noodles). And a purple veggie salad with a tiny pouch of sesame dressing. (You can stick a pick into a dressing pouch then squeeze it onto your salad.) A cup of very berry yogurt for dessert.


These are today's our lunches. Oyakodon!! I love oyakodon. And I had a purple potato salad (as usual) and a custard tiramisu for dessert.


Tadaaaahh!! Krisi of Japan und die Bentobox gave me a lovely award. I'm so happy and honored. Thank you so much Krisi. It means a lot to me!

Golden Blog Award


  1. Wonderful bento! I love your purple potatoes! They are just awesome in color. Do they taste sweet or taste like the ordinary potatoes?

  2. Beautiful!! I am super excited because I just found purple sweet potatoes (they were labeled Okinawan sweet potatoes) at the Korean grocery this weekend, so I think it's time for some purple pie :D Will you post a recipe for oyakodon?

  3. I love Oyakodon too :D)!! I think I should really buy some purple potatoes because they really make gorgeous flowers!

  4. Thanks Lia :) They're normal potatoes, but somewhat dense and sticky as compared with ordinary white potatoes. They are available at a quite low price at the supermarket nearby. It was a great deal!

  5. Yes you should for sure! They have a real fantastic color. I like the white/purple gradation of these potatoes in particular.

  6. I love these bentos! They are so bright and cheerful :) Haha I'm imagining you walking around town with purple potatoes on a necklace! It would be so funny and cute, you should do it and send us pics!!! :)

  7. wow, what a beautiful meal... the tiramisu custard (in the cute cow cup again!) is the perfect ending treat. the purple potatoes do look like lovely jewels, and as usual you have emphasized the naturally vibrant tones of the food in such a harmonious way :-)

  8. Welcome Carolina! and thank you for the sweet message. So glad if you enjoyed this blog and hope you get some inspiration from here!

  9. Hi babykins!
    I discovered your blog this morning. I love it! I started makes bento some months ago and I really enjoy it. I'm Italian (from Florence), so for me it's something totally new... I'm interesting also in Japanese cuisine.
    Your blog is such a source of great ideas! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a lovely day,