Sunday, April 17, 2011

Three Happy Bentos and Fruit Crepe

Yuppi's no-school-lunch-days have started. She's been so much into bento lately. Now I can hardly believe that she was not interested in bento-making at all a little while back. She got up pretty early that morning and prepared all of these dishes here. She made penne arrabbiata, German potato, a seared chicken thigh and cheese omelet. As you see she prefers western food. And she's been on a tamagoyaki-making spree so that she polishes her skill. She packed herself this bento. She really enjoys making and packing bento but I have to clean up all the mess afterward each time, sigh...

This one is for hubby. Yuppi also packed it.

This is the bento I packed myself, which contains all the same dishes as Yuppi's and hubby's. How great to be able to have bento someone else made. Though I do give Yuppi credit for her cooking skills, she was sort of bummed and jealous that I'd packed more neatly than She had done. She wants to get a chance to knock my socks off. So I can no longer be comfortable haha! I think her bento beats mine and nobody won't notice the difference though.


Some of you may wonder if these bentos didn't have any desserts, but no worries, I made quick (as always) crepes for this lunch. I put on some custard cream, cut strawberry and dekopon orange, and then wrapped them into a portable and easy-to-eat shape. I'm crazy about custard cream. Not to mention I'm going to write my lazy recipe sometime.
Hope y'all have a happy start of the week!!


  1. Wow, your daughter is so good at cooking, how old is she? The dishes she prepared look so delicious and both and your daughter have done an excellent job arranging the foods :D).

  2. What a great lunch!
    I love your sweet crepes and the strawberry paper too. :)
    Have a nice day.

  3. Thank you Cooking Gallery for the encouraging comment for Yuppi's work! She's 11. She really likes being complimented. So she will hustle even more! ^^

  4. Thank you for the sweet comment Carolina! These crepes are my favorite, yummo. ^^