Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nori Bento


Sorry for the gloomy shot. It's due to overcast. Well today's bentos are featuring NORIBEN! Noriben is a bento of rice covered over with nori that was lightly soaked in syoyu. It is one of the traditional bento styles. I loooove noriben! It is a lot easier to make than onigiri. I used to take it to kindergarten when I was wee. I was quite a picky child and had very few dishes I could eat by the way. You could eat up a noriben without being bored even if it doesn't have enough dishes next to. However, I've probably never seen before bento buddies outside of Japan make a noriben. It may be unpopular... Anyway I love noriben!

I toppped usuyaki tamago (thin tamagoyaki) flowers and ginger pickle petals on noriben to a bit liven up. The rest of this bento are sweet/salty/sour chicken tender pieces (super yum), potato salad (as usual), tamagoyaki slices, and a cup of milk kuzumochi with choco syrup for a little treat. I love chicken tender. It's literally tender even when it's cold. So I think it's perfect for healthy bento okazu (dishes). I'd like to write some variations of flavoring for chicken tender when I get to have time!

Here is Yuppi's bento. She made all the dishes and packed this one.

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