Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bento and X'mas Prep

Happy Saturday night!! It's so nice to be relaxed sitting in front of the computer. I want to somehow post this year's bentos before the new year comes. These bentos are the ones I've made recently.

Patatas bravas (Spanish crisp spiced potato), chicken bacon rolls and cheese omelet.

Loco Moco -- chicken/pork patties with sauce and an egg sunny-side up on rice.

Chili shrimp on a bed of rice and julienne lettuce. And scrambled egg and a cup of sauteed chicken tender and bacon.

This one is for myself. The tiny pink things are ginger pickle by the way.

Is your Christmas prep going well? I've been making tons of cookies this week. We've already given the first batch away to some of our friends. It's always great to see (hear) people saying *wahhh, kawaiiii, oishii!* with what I made for them. I still have another batch to bake and pack and pass out. Though it's just self-satisfaction, it's always so much fun, isn't it?

Whoa somebody is shouting... *Let me ouuut!!*



  1. wow cute cookies, that are good give aways for christmas.

    Merry X-mas for you and your family^^

  2. Thank you melonpan as always! I'm glad that the friends were all happy with the cookies :)

  3. Thanks for the nice bento box post. I have been browsing your site and I must say I got a lot of cool ideas from it. Now I can creatively use those bento box I've bought here