Friday, February 10, 2012

Oyster Sauce Chicken Donburi Bento

Today's bento is Chicken Donburi. Donburi is *rice topped with dishes*, which is one of quick rice dishes that you can whip up. I make it when I don't want to think this and that about what to make for bento. Today I made oyster sauce-flavored chicken stir-fry. I put it on rice, and sprinkled with a bit of shichimi togarashi and white sesame seeds. Along with boiled egg wedges I made yesterday.

I dredged chicken thigh pieces with some flour, then browned both sides in a bit of sesame oil. Then stir-fried it along with green onion and some kinds of mushrooms that I had in the fridge. Then I seasoned with shoyu and a bit of oyster sauce. That's all I did!

This dish goes great with rice! And tasty cold! Of course it's better if reheated.

In the meantime, I made fluffy mousse using homemade yogurt. It came out so much better than I thought that I'm going to share the recipe on my sweets blog. Stay tuned!


  1. Well, if that isn't good, I wouldn't know what is.  I just saw a donburi recipe on the Cooking with Dog channel on Youtube. I hadn't realised that donburi is actually a presentation style. And, your top picture is gorgeous : I love the soft light that seems to come of the eggs :o)  And now off to check that sweets blog of yours ...

  2. I wish I had this for lunch today!  It looks like the perfect food to warm you up!  I can't wait to check out your yogurt mousse recipe!!

  3. the bento looks like always so delicious and the mousse looks so tasty, i am strained for the Prescription

  4. That yoghurt mousse looks very interesting! Haven't seen it before. Can't wait for the recipe, I'll be sure to try it out since I eat yoghurt every day.

  5. Thanks so much Ingrid! There are a lot of variations of donburi. Nice combinations of rice and dishes.
    I finally wrote up the recipe there. Hope it's easy to follow. :)

  6. Thanks so much Heather! Quick and easy lunches really suit me. 
    I want to recommend yogurt desserts to everyone because they're so yummy and healthy! :)  

  7. Thanks so much Melonpan! I've been eating lately yogurt dessert instead of high calorie cake. ;)
    I hope you have a chance to make the mousse and your own yogurt.

  8. Thanks so much Selvinas! Wow you make yogurt? If not, you definitely should make your own!
    I finished the mousse recipe here --
    If there is anything you can't figure out about it feel free to ask me! ;)

  9. Very delicious and simple dish. Almost the same we prepare in our country 

  10. Thank you Lina! Really?! That's interesting! Where do you live? 

  11.  Oh Lithuania,  it's a beautiful country! I've watched your county on TV before!

  12. Really??? Very nice that you know my country :)