Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sauce Katsu Bento

Today's bento is another quick donburu-styled bento. Sauce katsu is panko-fried meat or chicken with sauce on it. When I was a kid my mother made me chicken katsu in my bento each time I had a school trip or some event, which was poured over with plenty of tonkastu sauce. I loved it so I still like to put sauce katsu in a bneto. For this bento, I made some chicken tender katsu in this way, and a kanikama (mock crab stick) omelet. I put some kaiware sprouts and umeboshi on the katsu to liven up the look and balance all the flavors.

Brown rice onigiri lunch
This one is a super simple bento. Also one of run-to-work bentos. I filled each onigiri with salmon or umeboshi! The ONLY side dish is leftover karaage haha! I actually love bontos like this. Not fancy at all but still a bit cute, isn't it?

As some of you already know I've been on a yogurt-making kick lately. While, I had a talk with bento pals, Sheri and Ingrid on Twitter about homemade yogurt. Then I wondered how long I could keep making yogurt without buying starter (yogurt)... Since then I've made several batches with my homemade starter now. All of them totally went well with no problem. But, you know what, this morning a huge yogurt hunter ate up my last batch all! That means there is no homemade starter left to use for the next batch! Ughhh... What will I do?!

Soymilk 100% yogurt
Ah well. Can you believe that this is a whole soymilk yogurt, and you can make yours in only several hours without using special tools or skills! I actually didn't like my whole soy yogurt so much when I made it for the first time. But I felt like this one was good enough! I guess it's because I'm getting used to the soy flavor.

Homemade yogurt -- Milk 1 : Soymilk 4
This is one of the batches made with both soy milk and regular one, about one-fifth of which is regular whole milk. At the moment I think it's the best-balanced rate in both taste and healthiness. However, I think each of these yogurts has its yumminess each. I have some ideas to try out with my yogurt on making desserts and savory sauces. In fact, the soy yogurt turned out to be nice sauces for my noodle salad and fried shrimp. Oh yeah, for those interested in yogurt cooking, I'm going to share my yogurt adventure track on my sweets blog in the future!


  1. That bento is vibrant and drool-worthy, I love it!

  2. These photos look super delicious and I'm super interested in your yummy looking yogurt making techniques ..healthy and delicious Yes!!

  3. Your bento always  looks so yummy...! I always feel like eating Japanese everytime I come over here ;)!

  4. i love the look of the simple onigiri and karaage bento... i have been on a real kick of bringing only super-simple, easy-to-prepare bentos to work... but we all still want things to be styled nicely and appealing to the eye!  the simple dot wax paper around the karaage is the perfect touch, voila!

    love the top bento too, beautiful light and shadow in that shot.  and the kaiware sprouts add a nice touch of freshness. i have never heard of those; are they the sprout of a vegetable we use in mature form?

  5. Aww thanks Jenn! Your words always make my day!

  6. Thank you berrygirlusa! Making yogurt doesn't need special technique other than a bit of hang. I love yogurt! :)

  7. Wow it's been quite a while! How have you been? That comment made me happy!

  8. Thank you Megan, I'm glad you didn't forget bento-making! :)  I know, nice-styled cute lunches brighten up the day at work or school.  
    Kaiware are daikon sprouts. A bit peppery, and I love the heart shaped greens too. There are so many kinds of sprouts -- red cabbage, mustard, broccoli, watercress...