Friday, March 09, 2012

Fried Shrimp Bento and Kawaii Stuff

Yesterday I made ebi fry (panko-fried shrimp) for bento. And After it, I fried some cut potato in the same pan, then dressed in a little tomato sauce, oregano powder and chili powder.

This bento is one I made a little while back. I cooked leftover fried shrimp (not panko-fried) along with eringi mushroom and beaten egg in shoyu broth. And of course rice underneath it.

What are these red weird things???

I have to share some pictures because most of you should like to see cute stuff. These two pictures below have been so popular where I posted them. So some of you've already seen them. These strawberries are the very best ones I've eaten in forever. Really.

These are our favorite that I get each time I go to the cake shop. The bear chan is made out of banana mousse and chocolate one. The bunny chan is made out of vanilla mousse, custard cream and raspberry puree. Yes! I gobble down these cuties omnomnom. They couldn't be any yummier!!
Scrumptious cuties

Look! Isn't this so friggin cute!?!? I discovered an adorable cookie house in the neighborhood! Besides their own homemade cookies, they sell so cute things some local craft artists made. I will post more pictures of them next time!



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