Friday, March 23, 2012

Rect Wooden Bento Box

I bought this box quite a while back but I forgot it. I like the nostalgic feel to it. But I need some more tries to get used to packing into the angular box. For this bento, I made simmered pork, tamagoyaki, and the roasty brown stuff is a potato gratin I over-burned as I was making other stuff lol.


Too bad Picnik is going to close soon. I hope we can use all the features on Google+ in the future! I've had a lot of fun with Picnik so far. So I played with a bento photo in honor of Picnik. This one is another bento in the same box above.



Back in 1950s

I forgot to write something important! There is a good replacement of Picnik! PicMonkey has pretty much similar features to edit your pictures. Here is one I played around with it!!



  1. I love how you played with the different photo effects.  The 1950's one is really pretty.

  2. Wow, great ideas with photos! Babykins, I have one question - these your made bento need heat or could eat cold?

  3. Thanks! Edited photos are sometimes fun to see. I mostly prefer natural ones though. :)

  4. They are usually eaten cold. I try to pack tasty-cold foods as possible. But when I pack a hot food (such as curry, soup and so on) I use a microwave-safe container. Hubby can use a microwave oven at work but my daughter can't, so I use a thermal jar for her in that case. :)

  5. I think it is very difficult to make tamagoyaki, is there a secret to it?

  6. what a beautiful bento box, i love that!

    And a tasty bento^^

  7. classic and interestingly masculine look to this bo, savory deliciousness within...nice!

  8. Ha you like tamagoyaki!? No secret! :) I may post a how-to or something sometime. Have you made bento? I need to see it hehe.

  9. Aw thannk you Melonpan! Gald you love it :)

  10. Masculine is a exact word Jenn! Thanks for the nice words. Happy weekend! :D

  11. Yummm! 

    Hop on over to PicMonkey for an alternative to the (sadly) closing Picnik! My name is Jenn & I'm part of the team so I'm obviously biased, but I think it's just as amazing if not more so than your old photo editing fave! But don't take my word for it, when you have a second, check out and let us know what you think!


  12. Thank you for the comment Jenn! I think PicMonkey is useful enough but I can't say more than it because I haven't got the premium of PicMonkey yet. :)