Monday, April 08, 2013

Shiokoji Lemon Dressing

Honey ginger pork

For this bento, I made a fried egg and ginger pork seasoned with shoyu, honey and a bit of ginger powder.


Today's post features Milky shiokoji lemon dressing. It is mild and light in taste. I think it goes with dishes like Salad Ni├žoise, especially boiled potatoes. Of course any simple salad too!


Milky Shiokoji Lemon Dressing (for 4 - 5 salad plates)
3 tablespoon shiokoji
3 tablespoon soy milk or milk or plain yogurt (each of them works)
1/2 - 1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 - 1 tablespoon olive oil
A little cracked black pepper

This is way much healthier than mayonnaise. Will you try it out?


  1. Ak! I commented yesterday but it didn't work! I'm looking forward to trying this dressing when I have my shiokoji at last...but first I have to make komekoji!! Unfortunately I can't buy it here. My kojekin has arrived I'm happy to say. Can't wait to try making it this week! Your delicious recipes are inspiring :)!

  2. Hey Karen, I'd like you to try this idea if you don't mind... add your koji-kin directly into a mix of cooked rice, water and salt. First I should try that out by rights though hehe :p

  3. Babykins, you're a maverick in the kitchen! :) Love it how you're always up to improvise. I have this tiny packet of kojekin...I'm nervous to do anything because everyone says its so important to control the temperature. Plus, I'm so busy with work and other things it's hard to get time to cook at the moment, it's driving me crazy. I might have to wait until the school holidays start to try some different ways, but I want shiokoji NOW! :P

  4. Haha you know me, I'm maverick on everything lol!

    I get you, it sounds like it needs an enormous amount of time and care to reach komekoji from scratch. I hope things calm down for you soon!