Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lily of The Valley

I was going to post plum pictures, but lilies of the valley are in full bloom right now. I couldn't help but share the pictures of these teeny tiny, lovely flowers. They make my morning every day.

This is how they started opening up around the beginning of May.
Suzuran 01

Aren't the little buds so cute?? I really really love the shape of these flowers. They look so precious and cute through the lens.
Suzuran 02

Suzuran 05

Suzuran 11

Now they are the most gorgeous I have to take pictures of them every day.
Suzuran 13

It's so difficult for me to photograph the white flowers and do justice to their sweetness and delicacy though.
Suzuran 08

Suzuran 15

Suzuran 10

Today I have enough time to chat. So nice to share the details of what I made. This is an omrice bento as you see. You think it's a familiar omrice? This one is a bit special. Guess what, it contains lots of shrimp besides meat!! Needless to say, you might already be aware because there is some shrimp on the egg sheet haha! I have a fave restaurant which offers a variety of foods such as hamburger sandwiches, curry, pasta, katsudon, sweets and so on. They also offer a variety of omrice. One of them has some shrimp in it, which is Yuppi's and my favorite. So I sometimes replicate it at home.
2014-02-26 0835

For this bento, I made rice rolls with sausages in them, which I call hotdog musubi, Yuppi's favorite. It tastes just like spam musubi. I think it's easier to make a hotdog musubi than a spam one. I'll post a short instruction sometime soon. The rest of this bento, I made ham-wrapped egg salad and fried chicken tender.
2014-05-20 0849

This contains chicken karaage, boiled egg halves with mayo drizzle, simmered carrot flowers and shiitake, and ketchup pasta as a space filler and stabilizer.
2014-02-27 0838

For this one, I made carrot salad tossed with grain mustard and olive oil, lemon-flavored broiled chicken thigh and mixed rice. I first braised some scallop and shiitake mushroom with a little butter and salt. Then mixed it into steaming rice. I think it's one of the easiest ways to prepare tasty, flavored rice for bento. You can make the *MIX* for your mixed rice the night before, then only have to add it into rice in the morning. That sounds way easier than to make fried rice from scratch, right?
2014-02-28 0817


  1. Great photos ;) Lilies of the valley also are now blooming in my garden. Also interesting your recipe of carrots salad - need to try and good idea how to make rice!

  2. That's great! You are in the same season zone!

    Thank you, the carrot salad will refresh your mouth after a greasy food. Have you made bento lately?

  3. I love your bentos and the lilies of the valley. When I was in a climate that had them, I used to cut down for my room daily. Alas, I'm in the tropics now, and one can't find them for love or money. Thank you for cheering me up with the lovely pictures of them. <3

  4. Just have tried salad recipe ;)

  5. Aww thank you for trying it out! :D

  6. That's a bummer.. But I hope you enjoy tropical flowers instead. I love spring flowers the best, but the gorgeousness of the summer flowers... Stunning!

    So glad, at least you enjoyed my flower pictures! :)