Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ume Blossom

Today I'm going to be posting some ume pictures. Hey, is this, by any chance, going to be a flower photo blog?! Nope! Both LOL! Now the sakura and ume are almost over, but we had the wonderful blossom season until pretty recently because the blossom movement reaches here way behind Tokyo. I got to see beautiful ume, sakura and plum blossoms, and some other lovely wild flowers when going to my favorite forest like 10 days ago. Do you know the difference between sakura and ume? There seem some differences, but about it, I will write next time heehee. Well, I have to say this! Bentos! These are ones I made a while back.

2014-03-05 0834

2014-03-25 0753

2014-04-02 0848

plum blossom 1

plum blossom 2

plum blossom 11

plum blossom 3

plum blossom 5

plum blossom 6

plum blossom 8

plum blossom 7

plum blossom 9

plum blossom 10

Duck 2
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  1. What dish is in first photo?

  2. They are sushi balls (temarizushi). Tops are scrambled egg, raw ham and smoked salmon. I made for Girl's Day :)

  3. so happy to see you posting more :-) I really enjoy when you post the contents of the bento and really short recipe! but do it only if you have time ;-)

  4. Hi Priscilla! Thank you that's a good reminder to know there is someone who is interested in my bento dishes. I'm thinking of posting easy-to-make recipes again in the future :D