Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Has Come 2014

A quick post to let everybody know that I am still alive! Haha. Doing great! I have been busy, going through everyday stuff, making bentos, shooting spring flowers and what not. Of course I've been missing blogging so much. Really have tons of stuff to write and share on here. I'm actually much more into photography than before. There are quite a few flower pictures I've taken lately. We are just in the most gorgeous season of the year, appreciating all kinds of spring flowers coming up in order. Unfortunately I've had a hard time sitting on the computer and organizing my pictures. That's why I haven't posted in ages. Anyway I will be coming back soon. Here is what I've been doing lately!





2014-05-11 0757

2014-05-08 1051

2014-05-02 1305


  1. Love your bentos, flowers, and the FENCE! Missed your blog posts so much.

  2. YAY! Nice to see a new post from you (not that I can talk, having not posted in ages myself...). Beautiful photos :D Wish I still had time to make bentos...

  3. Thank so much for the encouraging comment! You liked the fence picture? Me too! :D

    I'm going to post more pics some of these days, stay tuned!

  4. Hi thanks so much!
    Too bad you don't update your blog regularly (I can't say that either hehe), but good you sound happy with what you do now. Hope everything is going great over there! :)

  5. Amazing as always ;)