Saturday, December 05, 2015

Winter Has Come

It's already December! I don't want to believe the year is almost over. But I am excited we're going to have many fun events soon. I hope to post bentos regularly again next year.


Scrambled eggs --- A bit of salt and sugar.
Chicken soboro --- Minced chicken thighs, stir-fried with shoyu, mirin and sugar.
Edamame beans


Teriyaki chicken --- Chicken thighs marinated in shoyu and mirin for hours in the fridge, then broiled.
Bell pepper salad --- Blanched, sliced, tossed with salt, sesame oil and sesame seeds.
Carrot stir-fry --- Stir-fried with bacon, salt and pepper.
Curry chikuwa --- Sliced, microwaved, tossed with mayonnaise and curry powder.
Tamagoyaki --- Eggs and edamame.


Gyoza (pot stickers) --- Leftover.
Shoyu tamago --- Boiled eggs soaked in shoyu.
Pork --- Blanched, rinsed, cooked with maitake mushroom, shoyu and mirin,
Green --- komatsuna and daikon greens chopped, stir-fried with shirasu, sesame seeds and salt.

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