Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bento and Weird Happening

Good morning! The new weekday just started here! We had a 3 day weekend because yesterday was a holiday *Umi no Hi* (Marine Day). But I feel kind of sad. Something weird happened to my blog yesterday. I finally managed to write up a giveaway post and thought I could do it at last! But darn, the post disappeared just as I clicked the post button!! The post is nowhere now. I never clicked the delete button! That's pretty weird! I heard of some troubles that have happened on Blogger recently, but this kind of thing happened to me for the first time since I started Blogger. Now I have no idea what to do. This bummer may make me unmotivated to keep on posting... Because the post was long articles which included some pictures of giveaway items. Oh poor babykins... lol! Ah well, anyway my bentos have waited to be posted hehe!

Yuppi made fried chicken and potato so I made my version of Kentucky fried chicken combo.

This one is Yuppi's version she packed on her own.

This is a salad soba bento. Do you like soba? I didn't like it when a child because it had adult's kind of texture and flavor, but once I awoke to the unique yumminess I got a fan of it. Soba goes great with tempura and something peppery such as wasabi, daikon. I love to eat cold soba with grated daikon and tempura on a hot day! Slurp!!

For the salad soba, I fixed braised chicken tender, boiled egg, radish slices, mustard sprouts, sugar pea, tomato, and do you want to fry tempura early in the morning? Noooo, I don't! I toasted some aburaage (fried thin tofu) instead. I wanted to give a crispy texture to the soba, and aburaage is somewhat more healthy than tempura. As salad soba sauce, you can use your favorite sauce or dressing. This time I made my sauce with hontsuyu, a little minced onion and vinegar and lemon juice. It makes soba salad even more refreshing.

Bibimbap bento. We all love bibimbap! One of great inventions of Korea! This salad... cherry tomato halves, iceplant, wasabina (a kind of leaf mustards).

Pork sukiyaki bento. One of my rush bentos. Good thing I boiled and shelled quail eggs the night before!

This is also a rush bento. This shot stinks! I meant to make omrice because I was in a rush then. Omrice doesn't take me that much time to make... But I'd totally forgotten that I'd been out of ketchup until I started stir-frying ingredients, uggggg. Well I seasoned rice with tomato sauce and put tonkatsu sauce instead of ketchup on omelet. That made the omrice look not tasty haha! But I'm sure it was not bad and this salad helped complete this lunch! The salad contains boiled shrimp, grapefruit, frilly lettuce and cherry tomato, with creamy lemon dressing.


  1. Thanks Melonpan! Your name is cute!
    I hope all of these bentos were really yummy :)

  2. Thanks Susan! Sorry these bentos are gone now hehe.

  3. I had a blog post disappear twice, and it is S-O-O-O ANNOYING!!!  I didn't know it was happening lately though, I haven't had it happen to me in a year or so.  Lame.  But your bentos look delicious as always :)

  4. It looks sooooo tasty, i will take it NOW!!! *yammy*

  5. Always get hungry when visited your blog ... seriously hehehe :D Glad to get back in blogging world again. Dunno what happened to blogger lately, last time my blog is dissapear then I have to make a confirmation with blogger and changed the password (^.^)

  6. Looks yummy, making me hungry!  (^_^)