Thursday, July 07, 2011

Teriyaki Chicken Bento and Tori Soboro Bento

Happy Tanabata! What day is 7th July? It's the day that the two lovers in the sky, Orihime and Hikoboshi can meet only once a year. They are pulled apart on opposite sides of the Milky Way. If it rains this day Orihime can't cross over the Milky Way to meet him. So we wish them good weather this time of the year. Plus, in my area, we have a tradition that kids walk around on the evening to get treat from people. You know, it is just like Halloween!

This one is yesterday's bento. I made tariyaki chicken, boiled egg salad, carrot tuna salad for it. And a cup of calpis jelly for dessert.

Today I made tori (chicken) soboro for bento. Today's dessert is fruit ramune jelly. Ramune is kind of a soda pop that's old style, and contained in a strange shaped bottle. By the way, have you ever eaten soda pop jello? It's refreshing and pretty good.
Hey doesn't this bento look like the Milky Way? I didn't mean that at all though. Soboro Milky Way!?!? Heh


  1. @8db92fe922d6099b775d450c4032ec1e 
    Star festival is so much fun and kind of romantic. 
    Thanks, then let me add you to my fav blog list. ;)

  2. @db279d3a00fadb05d4ef14a32ae75a44 
    Aw sorry hehe. Thanks so  much for the comment!

  3. I love hearing about holidays, traditions and festivals from other countries. Sounds like fun! I love your pink bento box, it all looks so good! I have to make sure you're on my reader so I don't miss your posts.

  4. Very delicous bentos wow, i getting very hungry T.T

  5. wow looks delicous :-)

  6. Hey, why did this post my name!  Weird!

  7. mmm, calpis jelly!  Yummy.  Your bentos are so pretty :D  I have never even thought about making jello out of soda!  Can you still feel the bubbles?