Thursday, July 21, 2011

Onigiri and Red Wiener

This may be the first time I've used red wieners (hot dogs) in bento. Actually I don't really like them but I did when I was a little kid. I was a big fan of sausages. Of course red ones were no exception. They just remind me of a cheap *Eki ben* (train bento), and it feels like they taste kind of artificial to me. However, I wanted to buy them for some reason. Ah maybe they also remind me of my good oi' bento that my mom made me to take to kindie with me. So today's bentos have red wieners in them. I made these onigiri with salted salmon, salted radish greens and sesame seeds. And I sauteed broccoli with magic salt. Magic salt... what a nice and magical name! Have you ever used it? I'm into it these days so I'm using it for everything! You'll see it being used in my bento many times in the future.

I used wakame furikake for this onigiri, which is Yuppi's favorite.

We made milk ice cream. It only calls for milk, heavy cream and sugar to make. Have you ever eaten milk ice cream (or milk soft ice cream) before? I love them, Haagen-Dazs' in particular! This one is not as smooth because we don't have a icecream maker, but it has home/handmade yumminess, and is good enough for me!
milk icecream

Sorry for the delay in response by the way. I'll respond to everybody's comment soon. Have a happy bentoing!!


  1. Hi kellyzarb! Glad you love the blog. Thank you for sharing it on your blog! :)

  2. Hi Jenn! Thanks for the sweet comment, *grin*! I think I'll post some magic salt recipes sometime soon. :)

  3. Your bento boxes are so amazing, they look so yummy. I love your blog so much I have just blogged about it here Izumi

    Hope you don't mind, have a lovely week.

  4. like always, looking suuuuuper tasty^^ i would steal it :-)

  5. Lovely, summery bentos and I loved reading your commentary about them--you write so well! Am curious about magic salt!

  6. No worries.
     It all looks so good. The salmon onigiri I could eat for breakfast right now YUM! I never liked hot dogs, even as a kid, but they are so fun to use in bentos. I love the fresh look of the white box and clear cups!