Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Salmon Chirashi and Corn Potato Pancake

Hey there! I was blowing off making bento for the entire last week. I was kind of unmotivated, but just got back on the track. This salmon chirashi is one of my throw-together bentos. I first mixed sushi vinegar into hot rice, then mixed flakes of microwaved salted-salmon, cucumber slices, lemon juice, and sesame seeds, then put julienne omelet and pink ginger pickle on top. Chirashi zushi is one of my favorite rice dishes, and this type is easier to make than authentic ones.


In the meantime, I got fresh picked corn on the cob and potatoes, so I made pancakes using both of them this morning. I cut the kernel off from the cob with a knife, then added grated potato, flour and salt, then pan-fried.

Corn Potato Pancake Ingredients
2 potatoes, peeled and grated
1 ear of corn, removed from the cob
about 2 - 3 tablespoons flour
a little salt
a little butter or oil for pan-frying


Besides the pancakes, I made mayo/cheese chicken for bento. I rubbed some mayonnaise on sliced chicken tender, then sprinkled a little of magic salt and powdered cheese. Then toasted in the toaster oven. As you see, I've recently tried to make my bentos more simple ones than before. I consider simpleness is important in everything. In cooking, yumminess is even more important though. Haa yeah you know, I'm just making an excuse to be lazy lol.


Take a look. Our Aiko tomatoes are finally getting ripe. We've been trying to give it as little fertilizer and water as possible to concentrate the taste. So I think we won't be able to get so many ones, but it's fun to think of what to make with it. I don't eat raw tomatoes but loooove tomato sauce pasta! I know that's pretty inconsistent, hehe.


We had an itsy bitsy visitor in our teeny weeny garden.


We went to the bay area to watch fireworks display this evening. Though it was somewhat chilly, we had a blast shopping around there and watching great fireworks going off in the sky. Sorry for the dull shots, my camera stinks! No it's due to my skills. It looks like it hasn't improved at all since this time last year haha! Well, more photos on flickr, check it out!







  1. @5c34c59d33679baecc33d745a69c838b 
    Thanks so much! Oh I want to see your tomato. How much tomatoes come in handy for bento! :D

  2. what a tasty bento, wow!
    My tomatos are green till now, i hope the also will become red^^