Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seafood Curry and Shiratama Shave Ice

Today I don't feel like detailing bento for some reason, but just in case some of you may be curious about these bentos I'll write as usual what I fixed for bento.

This curry contains scallop, shrimp, onion, and some sorts of mushrooms.

Hubby gets shiratama zenzai (dumplings with azuki) for a treat, which contains nata de coco and canned mikan besides them. I sent him a mini bottle of sweet condenced milk as well to make it even yummier.

Another bento, pieces of pan fried salted-salmon, scrambled egg with nameko (mushroom) sause, pork and shishitou (green pepper) stir fry. So simple but my kind of bento.

Since it's been muggy here lately I'm on a shave ice kick at the moment. It's a soothing refreshment for your burning body on a too hot day.

This time of every year, I get this old school ice shaver out of the shelf. Isn't he too cute? Yes, what I did want to write most this time was actually this!! I up it on my blog this time of every year though hehe. We call it *Kyoro chan* because his eyes roll from side to side as you're turning the handle. *Kyoro Kyoro* means rolling eyes. Though he is such adorable, he is suspected of being older than I am. I want to share this vintage cute bear-shaped shave ice maker before it breaks up by our overuse lol.

I've been craving koori shiratama (shiratama with shave ice) lately, but I don't have a place nearby that has good ones so I made it myself.

Though I don't really like Japanese sweets or matcha flavored ones, this one was delicious! I'm so happy with the result yeeey.

Hopefully I'll post shiratama in detail sometime soon.


  1. I Love ice, and that looks very tasty^^

  2. how did you make the mochi green and pink?

  3. I use a natural food coloring for the pink and aojiru ( for the green. :)

  4. Hi

    I just received from a friend one of the old school ice shaver. It is yellow and it looks just like yours. It has never been used and like new. I was wondering how old it was and its value?

    Please advise,

    John Kendrick
    Honolulu, Hi

  5. Oh yellow! I'd love to have a yellow one! I guess they were sold about 30 years ago. Used one are traded for 10000 yen or so in Japan.