Friday, August 12, 2011

Teriyaki Bonito and Harvester Yakumo

Since I got a fresh fillet for sashimi of bonito at my supermarket today's lunch came out a teriyaki bonito bento. I did a bit different thing than usual. I seasoned it with Usuta sauce (Japanese Worcester - shire sauce) in place of my usual tariyaki sauce.


Slice binito into easy-to-eat size pieces, then dredge in flour and pan fry.

Soak them in Usuta sauce for about 5 minutes.

Pack rice in a bento box, then put some julienne lettuce or cabbage over the rice. Then put the sauce-soaked bonito onto the lettuce rice bed. Really fresh bonito doesn't smell fishy at all so you could get much nicer and healthier teriyaki than meat. It's good as a sandwich filling as well.

I decorated the bonito with some mayonnaise, green onion, and torn umeboshi because teriyaki stuff itself looks too plain. But I don't like to use any garnishes that don't go with my dishes only to make bento look fancy.

I made scallop salad for a side box, which contains torn lettuce and shiso leaves, fresh-picked Aiko tomatoes and sugar peas, and quick-boiled scallop. Fresh shell-on scallops are available cheaply now. Who could miss it? That't why I made seafood curry yesterday.

In the meantime, we went to Harvester Yakumo, a farm restaurant located in south Hokkaido. It was originally opened under the direct management by Kentucky Fried Chicken as a experimental farm and restaurant. Now although KFC has backed out of the management, you can still enjoy the beautiful location and goodies they serve. More photos on flickr.



Lunch at Harvester Yakumo

Dessert at Harvester Yakumo



  1. hi bentolily I have taken kewpie mayo in a container in lunch and packed it at 7am and not eat until 1pm and it had not spoiled, not sure with American mayo but I'm sure it will be fine as well. (it's processed so it can't go that bad) if you worry, pack an icepack if you don't have access to a fridge.

  2. Thank you for sharing this nice bento and the little How To instruction.  I like the idea of bedding the fillets onto shredded lettuce. But one question yet - I wonder if the mayonnaise won't get spoiled at
    room temperature till lunch time (I don't like cold rice coming out of
    the fridge).
    By the way - I have tried your shoyu soaked salmon some time ago and it came out very tasty even though I made it with steamed/nuked salmon.