Friday, August 19, 2011

Easy Ice Cream


Today's post has no bento. You know what I just came up with an icecream recipe. It tuned out much tastier than I thought. This is probably the best one I've ever made so I wanted to post it before our short summer is over. Actually I think I want an icecream maker! BUT I basically eat iced sweets only during summer so maybe I'm not going to buy it, *maybe*. And as you know, I'm super lazy, always want to make everything in a simple way. This method calls for a food processor for the smooth texture, but no worries, even if you don't have those machines, you could make nice icecream, only stirring icecream mixture by hand is kind of tiring though. And this type of ice cream isn't as smooth as store bought ones, but I'm pretty sure it's worth making it from scratch. The only key point of this recipe is to pick out tasty ingredients. By the way, I thought I would try using jam as a stabilizer. Blueberry jam sounded perfect for flavoring, so yes, it worked great! However, I think you can use any sorts of jam or jelly (for bread) you like. So it would be the best way you can *rescue* abandoned jam from the fridge. I simplified the measurements (as usual) so anybody could make it with ease, (after all that's right up my alley lol). You can adjust the amounts of the ingredients depending on your taste and fridge situation. I used yogurt for improvement of the texture. So should I name this *frozen yogurt* or *yogurt ice cream*??

Simple Fruit Ice Cream Recipe
    About 1 cup of your favorite fruit jam/jelly
    1 cup heavy cream
    2 cups plain yogurt

  1. Mix fruit jam into heavy cream in a mixing bowl, then stir until thickened.
  2. Add yogurt and mix well. Taste the mix at this point. If you like it sweeter add more jam to taste.
  3. Pour the mix into a freezer bag or shallow container lined with plastic wrap. (With this work, you can easily break the hardened mix and get out of the bag or container afterwards). Then freeze until hardened.
  4. Before serving, break (or cut with a knife) the frozen and hardened mix into fit-in-foodprocessor size pieces, then smooth in a food processor.

  5. If you make this without a food processor
    Place the bowl of the mix in the freezer. After part of the mix is frozen, remove the bowl from the freezer. Then paddle or whisk well, then freeze again. Repeat this process a few times to make it smooth while freezing. You can use a stick blender if you have.

    If your finished product is less sweet than you expected it to be
    Serve it with fruit sauce, preserve, or sweetened condensed milk, etc... on it.


blueberry ice cream


  1. @2b35506c9f3ad9cdebdc62c71a753333:disqus 
    It's my pleasure and thanks! Hope this is helpful for you :D

  2. I love ice cream and this seems easy without having an ice cream maker. Thanks for sharing ^.~

  3. @9346a222d0425a5a493c134e8d88370a 
    Hi carol! Homemade icecream is really good. PEACH! sounds heaven! Is it still hot NYC? It's getting somewhat cooler here lately. 

    Oh that challenge sounds exciting! It looks like it takes me a bit more time to fully understand it though lol! I'll go check it out again later :D aw thanks so much for tagging me!

  4. Maybe I need to try this!  I just made some homemade plum jam (and peach jam earlier)--bet it would be nice in ice cream :D  (Especially now that I finally have a food processor.)

    Hey, I just tagged you for the 7 links challenge--details are here!  It's pretty fun :D

  5. A great deal of sugar is usually added, as in ice cream, which is a major reason why frozen yogurt is not nearly as healthy as regular yogurt. 

    1. Thank you so much for the comment! I consider frozen yogurt a different thing than plain yogurt. A sort of iced desserts :)